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The TDI Catalogue

(Voices In The Net, 2001-2005)


Tangerine Dream's own label TDI was founded in 1995 in order to release their work independently from record companies.


The first TDI releases had been special versions or releases for certain countries; all of them are out of print now. Their order numbers had the pattern 'TDInnnCD'. Those releases were:

  • TDI001CD: The Dream Mixes (1996), the first 2CD version, re-released 1998 as TDICD005 (see below)
  • TDI002CD: Tyranny Of Beauty (1996), including the bonus track Quasar; re-released 1999 as TDICD020 (see below)
  • TDI003CD: Turn Of The Tides (1996), including the bonus track Story Of The Brave; re-released 1999 as TDICD019 (see below)
  • TDI004CD: Rockoon (1996); re-released 1999 as TDICD017
  • TDI005CD: Limited World Tour Edition 1997 (1997), limited edition of 5,000 copies; not re-released
  • TDI006CD: Shepherds Bush (1996), limited edition of 2,000 copies; not re-released
  • TDI007CD: Oasis (1997), pre-release and first European version without the bonus track Chia Maroon; re-released 1998 with the bonus track as TDICD009 (see below)
  • TDI008CD: Tournado (1997); re-released 1998 as TDICD011 (see below)
  • TDI009CD: TimeSquare (1997), pre-release version; re-released 1998 as TDICD006 (see below)
  • TDI010CD: The Keep (1997), first limited edition of 150 copies; re-released 1999 without order number (see below)
  • TDI011CD: Ambient Monkeys (1997), pre-release version including the track Largo (from Xerxes); re-released 1998 without that track as TDICD001 (see below)



There have been a few TDI releases without any order number; meanwhile all of them are out of print, too:



In 1998, with the release of Dream Dice, the TDI label was relauched; the order numbers again started at 001, but now used the pattern 'TDICDnnn'. Up to 033 those releases are distributed by EFA with corresponding order numbers using the pattern '63nnn-2'; only these latter numbers are used throughout Voices In The Net. All records of this series were released with new cover artwork; some of them meanwhile have been re-released once more with a different artwork. The first twelve records of this series (plus Ça Va - Ça Marche - Ça Ira Encore) were part of the Dream Dice boxed set:



In 2000 TD lauched the sub-label Ground Liftaz; the order numbers started at 0001, using the pattern 'GLnnnn':



In 2003 TD lauched another label, called TDP, in order to release some albums through a different distributor; once again, the order numbers started at 001, but now used the pattern 'TDPCDnnn':



One more label, Eastgate, was started in 2005 by Edgar Froese in order to (re)release his studio works, though some Tangerine Dream albums (with TDI logo) were released with Eastgate numbers as well:



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