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The Dream Mixes 3 Promo Postcard

(Voices In The Net, March 2002)


The only official Tangerine Dream release in 2001, The Past Hundred Moons, was released together with a promotional postcard, that was available through the TDI internet shop, too.




The text is as follows:
"After the immense success of its two predecessors, Dream Mixes I and TimeSquare Dream Mixes II, it was only a logical step to eventually produce a third chapter to Tangerine Dream remix series. Again, we find Jerome and Edgar Froese reconstructing and deconstructing their own compositions, instead of passing the job on to others for possibly mediocre results -- the popularity of the first two albums has proven them right in taking this approach, the third time round incorporates a more versatile mixture than ever, featuring not only recent tunes but also all-time classics from the earlier years, plus the one or other surprise, all of them being given the club treatment. Instead of merely adding new rhythms or layers, the original compositions were used as a starting point for creativity, thereby creating something new rather than a variation on the old. The result is a beat-ridden, heavily addictive release that is consequently breathing club air, while simultaneously having the timeless class that is inherent in all of TD's releases."




© 2002 by Michael Berling
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