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Welcome to Voices In The Net. This site is a non-profit information source for collectors of Tangerine Dream records. It contains an almost complete discography including all official releases of the group from 1970 up to now as far as they are known by the author.

The main sources of the discography are:

  • Voices In The Dunes, a printed discography from 1990 by Matt Hargreaves, Rolf Sonnemann and Peter Stöferle. Most information on this website was originally planned for a reworked edition of that book. Hence the name of this site...
  • Dream Collector, a non-profit printed newsletter by Christian Horn, Siegfried Lindhorst, Rolf Sonnemann and Peter Stöferle. Having started in August 1992 they released 34 issues of this newsletter until they discontinued the publication in September 1999. Several background information and stories have been copied from this source by kind permission of the authors.
  • 30 Years Of Dreaming, an overview about Tangerine Dream's work by Kent Eskildsen, who kindly has offered his work as an additional information source.
  • The web site What Dreams Are Made Of, by kind permission from its authors John A. Burek and Mark Schaffer.
  • The official websites of Tangerine Dream as well as their (former) members.
  • The record collection of the author and some other TD collectors.

Thanks to the authors of the publications mentioned above for their permission to use these information sources, especially to Siegfried Lindhorst and Peter Stöferle for their initial contribution of lots of additional information to Voices In The Net. Without their support this project had never been released.

Thanks, too, to the many Tangerine Dream collectors and fans for their contributions to Dream Collector and -- later -- to this site. And... of course... very special thanks to Tangerine Dream for their great music!

Enjoy T-Dreaming!


This site provides...

  • a complete discography of all official records by Tangerine Dream and selected (ex-)members of the group in chronological order plus a selection of bootlegs and fan releases
  • an alphabetical listing of all compositions featured on the releases
  • a chronological concert listing, linked with the compositions performed and any recording of the respective venues
  • background information about the group members and selected guests musicians who have worked with Tangerine Dream
  • a collection of background stories concerning Tangerine Dream
  • a list with links to internet sites with information about Tangerine Dream and current or former members


Please feel free to send any additional information concerning Tangerine Dream releases or corrections to this site to Michael Berling in German or English language:


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