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Voices In The Dunes

Voices In The Dunes was released in 1991 by Rolf Sonnemann, Peter Stöferle and Matt Hargreaves. It was the most comprehensive TD discography at that time.

"After three years of intensive work, the book is done. Some readers may ask how such a thorough work had its beginning. As with many plans, this began as a vague idea which solidified and in time became this book. None of us had any idea how much time, money, and difficulty this project would eventually cost. Inspite of this, it was always fun."
- Rolf Sonnemann

After the book had gone out of print there had be plans to do a re-release in the late nineties, but this project has been cancelled. Michael Berling, who was planned to be a co-author of this re-release and who had already started to redesign the book's layout and to collect additional data for the discography part, decided to publish his work in the internet for free by kind permission of the other authors - Voices In The Net was born!

Dream Collector

Since August 1992 Dream Collector reported about various subjects related to Tangerine Dream. Dream Collector was supposed to be an information source containing a lot of first hand news from the band's office in Berlin. It was a non-profit publication in English language edited by four collectors from Germany: Rolf Sonnemann, Siegfried Lindhorst, Christian Horn and Peter Stöferle. Dream Collector was not a fan club, and thus the magazine did not bore the readers with band's members' private things like Edgar's car, crossword puzzles, or fan questions like "What does Edgar think of New Age music?".

In September 1999, with issue number 34, the newsletter ceased publication.

"We say thank you to all those who helped us and made the Dream Collector project possible for seven years: to those who have provided us with information and motivation, to concert and record companies, to our readers for their interest of course, and last not least, to Tangerine Dream."
- Dream Collector

By kind permission of the authors, Dream Collector was widely used as information source for Voices In The Net. Additional input was given by Peter Stöferle and Siggi Lindhorst -- though this is no project by them, they both have been kindly supporting Voices In The Net during its initial phase.

Last remainders of most issues of Dream Collector are still available. Please contact Peter Stöferle for further information.

30 Years Of Dreaming

In 1997 Kent Eskildsen released his printed 'guided tour', titled 30 Years Of Dreaming.

"This book should be seen as my personal understanding of the Tangerine Dream universe and their musical development. [...] Even though Tangerine Dream have sold a lot of albums through the last 30 years [...], often been high on sales lists and charts and been nominated for several Grammy Awards, the record companies have never had any big commercial interests in the band - Tangerine Dream have always focused on the music as opposed to focusing on the musicians in the band. This, of course, fits badly into the world of the idolised music business. But despite all of this, Tangerine Dream have had a considerable influence and have always had an enthusiastic and loyal audience. Tangerine Dream have been a pioneers - both in a musical sense, as they have led the way for techno, ambient, dance and whatever it's called nowadays, but they have also played a major part in developing new instruments and improving different aspects of sound production as well. Pioneering work, which we all - and especially the music business - benefit from today and therefore, Tangerine Dream, deserve a higher degree of recognition than is the case. Not very many people seem to know the story of Tangerine Dream - so here is an attempt to make up for that! This is a beginner's guide to the world of Tangerine Dream."
- Kent Eskildsen

The book is out-of-print now, but Kent Eskildsen offers it in full length as a Word document on CD-R. If you want to get information about how to obtain the CD-R, please contact Kent Eskildsen.

Kent kindly offered his work as an additional information source for Voices In The Net. A complete online version of this book is available as well.

Michael Berling

Michael Berling (born in 1967, the same year Tangerine Dream was founded) has been in IT business since 1986. Currently he is working as software architect. Voices In The Net, originally intended as a first exercise in creating a simple web site in 1999, grew during the following years to a site of currently around 2,000 individual pages. These pages are generated from a database by a self-written Java program.

"I was introduced into the music of Tangerine Dream in early 1982 by a school friend who had watched the TV broadcast of TD's 1981 gig during the 'Classic Rock Night' in Munich and bought the album White Eagle. He made a copy for me, together with Mike Oldfield's QE 2 on a rather cheap music cassette, and I played it on my even cheaper cassette recorder. Listening to the eerie starting sounds of Mojave Plan, I was puzzled about this strange kind of music... and until now I expect Oldfield's Taurus One to start after the last sounds of White Eagle die away... Soon after my friend bought the LPs Exit, Tangram, Stratosfear and Sorcerer (the last one I did not like much at that time), and eventually I recognized that I had become a fan of the unique sounds Tangerine Dream produced. At the end of 1982 I bought my first record, Logos Live, which was the start of an ever growing collection of TD records. Having infected me successfully with the TD virus, after two or three years my school friend lost interest in that kind of music (how could he?). Up to now, the TD era of the early eighties, especially the line-up Edgar Froese/Chris Franke/Johannes Schmoelling is my favorite one."
- Michael Berling

In 1993 Michael bought a copy of Voices In The Dunes and subscribed to Dream Collector. So he came in touch with Peter Stöferle and made some suggestions for a re-release of Voices In The Dunes that was planned for the late nineties. After this project had been cancelled, Michael started to work on the internet discography Voices In The Net.

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