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There are some very good concert references on the net. But sometimes their maintainers stopped updating a few years ago, sometimes they lack a comprehensive reference to existing recordings of these concerts. As Voices In The Net became one of the most comprehensive collectors references over the years it just seems nothing more that natural to include Tangerine Dream's concert history eventually. This listing will cross-reference the respective recordings (official as well as fan recordings or bootlegs) and compositions of the setlists when applicable.



The work of all those who collected data about TD live appearances thoroughly over the years is emphathically respected hereby. Information has been collected from several sources but of course no system or layout has been copied. A very special thank you goes to John A. Burek and Mark Schaffer for their kind permission to use extensive information from their highly recommended web site What Dreams Are Made Of.



Any further contribution to expand this listing is much appreciated. However, if you like to contribute any photographs please keep in mind that you have to own the copyright or a comprehensible permission to use them.



dateThe concert has (most probably) been cancelled.
A fan recording of the concert exists.
The concert (or part of it) has been officially released in audio format (LP, CD and/or digital download).
The concert (or part of it) has been officially released in video format (DVD and/or BluRay).



Please note that in the very early years, that is between 1968 and 1973, Tangerine Dream definitely performed on a number of occasions that are not (yet) added to this list, because the correct dates of these gigs are commonly unknown.


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Sep 26 - Sep 29Essener Songtage
  September 26  Essen Aula der Pädagogischen Hochschule (Germany) 
  September 27  Essen Großer Saal des Jugendzentrums (Germany) 
  September 29  Essen Grugahalle (Germany) 


October 11Essen (Germany) 


August 01Ginsheim Nonnenau (Germany) 
August 02Ginsheim Nonnenau (Germany) 
August 29Heidelberg Thingstätte Heiligenberg (Germany) 
September 01West Berlin Haus der Jugend (Germany) 
October 10Kapfenberg (Austria) 


January 20West Berlin Quartier Latin (Germany) 
April 18Vienna Konzerthaus (Austria) 
June 07West Berlin Auditorium der Kongresshalle (Germany) 
Jun 08 - Jun 15Musik Aktion Theater Festival
  June 11  Kiel Ostseehalle (Germany) 
  June 12  Kiel Ostseehalle (Germany) 
June 16Kassel Staatstheater (Germany) 
June 19Frankfurt Universität (Germany) 
June 29Ossiach (Austria) 


March 27West Berlin Schöneberg Planetarium (Germany) 
April 26West Berlin Haus des Rundfunks (Germany) 
July 07Freiburg University (Audimax) (Germany) 
August 26Aachen University (Audimax) (Germany) 
October 27Mönchengladbach Gymnasium (Germany) 
November 25Cologne Großer Sendesaal (Germany) 
December 02West Berlin Akademie der Künste (Germany) 


February 15Paris Theatre de L' Ouest Parisien (France) 
April 07Bern Festhalle (Switzerland) 
May 20Ponts de Ce Open Air Festival (France) 
July 03Lyon (France) 
August 22Paris (France) 
August 24La Rochelle (France) 
August 25Roanne L'Arc en Ciel (France) 
August 27Ratingen Blauer See (Germany) 
November 20St Ouen Alhambra Theatre (France) 
November 29West Berlin Deutschlandhalle (Germany) 


June 16London Victoria Palace Theatre (UK) 
August 18Chichester Festival Theatre (UK) 
August 21Salisbury City Hall (UK) 
October 13West Berlin Nationalgalerie (Germany) 
Oct 26 - Dec 04UK Tour 1974
  October 26  London Rainbow Theatre (UK) 
  October 29  Sheffield City Hall (UK) 
  October 30  Birmingham Town Hall (UK) 
  November 02  Liverpool Liverpool Stadium (UK) 
  November 04  Manchester Free Trade Hall (UK) 
  November 06  London North East Polytechnic (UK) 
  November 08  Brighton The Dome (UK) 
  November 09  Plymouth Guildhall (UK) 
  November 10  Paignton Festival Hall (UK) 
  November 16  Cambridge Corn Exchange (UK) 
  November 17  Guildford Civic Hall (UK) 
  November 19  Edinburgh Caley Picture House (UK) 
  November 20  Glasgow Kelvin Hall (UK) 
  November 22  Southampton Southampton University (UK) 
  November 23  Southend Kursaal Hall (UK) 
  November 26  Bradford Saint Georges Hall (UK) 
  November 29  Cardiff Cardiff University (UK) 
  November 30  Bristol Colston Hall (UK) 
  December 01  Leicester De Montfort Hall (UK) 
  December 04  Newcastle Newcastle City Hall (UK) 
December 13Reims Cathedral (France) 


Mar 13 - Mar 27Australia Tour 1975
  March 13  Melbourne Dallas Brooks Hall (Australia) 
  March 16  Sydney Hordern Pavillion (Australia) 
  March 18  Auckland Town Hall (New Zealand) 
  March 20  Brisbane Queensland University City Hall (Australia) 
  March 22  Melbourne Dallas Brooks Hall (Australia) 
  March 23  Canberra Lakeside Hotel (Australia) 
  March 24  Melbourne Dallas Brooks Hall (Australia) 
  March 25  Adelaide Festival Hall (Australia) 
  March 26  Perth Winthrop University Hall (Australia) 
  March 27  Perth Winthrop University Hall (Australia) 
April 02London Royal Albert Hall (UK) 
April 25Munich Sankt-Benno-Kirche (Germany) 
August 16Orange Theatre Antique et Gymnase (France) 
Sep 14 - Sep 23French Tour 1975
  September 14  Paris Parc de La Courneuve (France) 
  September 20  Bordeaux (France) 
  September 23  Reims Opera House (France) 
September 26Munich Kongressaal Deutsches Museum (Germany) 
Oct 04 - Oct 29UK Tour 1975
  October 04  Coventry Cathedral (UK) 
  October 05  Bristol Colston Hall (UK) 
  October 07  Norwich Saint Andrews Hall (UK) 
  October 09  Sheffield Sheffield City Hall (UK) 
  October 12  Birmingham Town Hall (UK) 
  October 13  Oxford Oxford Polytechnic (UK) 
  October 14  Aylesbury Friars Vale Hall (UK) 
  October 16  Liverpool Liverpool Cathedral (UK) 
  October 17  Glasgow City Hall (UK) 
  October 19  Manchester Hardrock Club (UK) 
  October 20  York York Minster (UK) 
  October 22  London Olympia (UK) 
  October 23  Croydon Fairfield Hall (UK) 
  October 26  Birmingham Town Hall (UK) 
  October 27  Sheffield Sheffield City Hall (UK) 
  October 29  Bradford Saint Georges Hall (UK) 
Dec 20 - Dec 22Europe Tour December 1975
  December 20  Lugano (Italy) 
  December 22  Munich Deutsches Museum (Germany) 


Jan 23 - Feb 11Europe Tour Winter 1976
  January 23  Paris Palais du Sport (France) 
  January 24  Saarbrücken Universität (Germany) 
  January 26  Paris Nouvel Hippodrome de Paris (France) 
  January 29  Badalona Nuevo Pabellón Deportivo del Club Juventud (Spain) 
  January 31  Bilbao Pabellón de Deportes La Casilla (Spain) 
  February 09  Brussels Auditorium Paul-Emile Janson (Belgium) 
  February 11  Amsterdam RAI-Congrescentrum (Netherlands) 
Jun 05 - Jun 27Europe Tour Summer 1976
  June 05  Manchester Palace Theatre (UK) 
  June 07  London Royal Albert Hall (UK) 
  June 10  Brighton The Dome (UK) 
  June 12  Turin Palasport (Italy) 
  June 14  Milano Palalido (Italy) 
  June 15  Cantu Palasport (Italy) 
  June 16  Reggio Emilia Palasport (Italy) 
  June 17  Rome Palasport (Italy) 
  June 19  Rimini Altro Mondo (Italy) 
  June 27  West Berlin Philharmonie (Germany) 
Oct 20 - Dec 01Europe Tour Autumn 1976
  October 20  Hannover Stadthalle (Germany) 
  October 21  Düsseldorf Philipshalle (Germany) 
  October 22  Hamburg Musikhalle (Germany) 
  October 25  Stuttgart Liederhalle (Germany) 
  October 26  Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle (Germany) 
  October 27  Munich Circus Krone (Germany) 
  October 28  Erlangen Stadthalle (Germany) 
  October 29  Mainz Elzer Hof (Germany) 
  October 30  Saarbrücken Kongresshalle (Germany) 
  October 31  Mannheim Mozartsaal (Germany) 
  November 03  Edinburgh Usher Hall (UK) 
  November 05  Manchester Free Trade Centre (UK) 
  November 07  Coventry Coventry Theater (UK) 
  November 08  Nottingham Albert Hall (UK) 
  November 09  Portsmouth Guild Hall (UK) 
  November 10  Cardiff Capital Hall (UK) 
  November 12  Birmingham Odeon Theatre (UK) 
  November 13  Leeds Leeds University (UK) 
  November 14  Croydon Fairfield Hall (UK) 
  November 16  Brussels L'Ancienne Belgique (Belgium) 
  November 18  Harelbeke (Belgium) 
  November 20  Colmar (France) 
  November 22  Paris Palais du Sport (France) 
  November 23  Lyon (France) 
  November 24  Poitiers Les Arenes de Poitiers (France) 
  November 26  Barcelona Nuevo Pabellon Deportivo (Spain) 
  November 27  Madrid Pabellón Deportivo Real Madrid (Spain) 
  November 28  Toulouse Centre Culturel (France) 
  November 29  Valencia Sala Albion (Spain) 
  December 01  Talence Salle des Fetes (France) 


Mar 29 - Apr 26First North America Tour 1977
  March 29  Milwaukee Riverside Theater (USA) 
  March 31  Detroit Ford Auditorium (USA) 
  April 01  Chicago Aragon Ballroom (USA) 
  April 02  Cleveland Music Hall (USA) 
  April 04  Washington D.C. Lisner Auditorium (USA) 
  April 05  New York City Avery Fisher Hall (USA) 
  April 06  Philadelphia Tower Theater (USA) 
  April 08  Toronto Convocation Hall (Canada) 
  April 09  Montreal Place des Arts (Canada) 
  April 11  Quebec City Hilton Convention Center (Canada) 
  April 12  Chicoutimi Dufour Auditorium (Canada) 
  April 15  Hamilton Hamilton Place (Canada) 
  April 16  Ottawa Civic Center (Canada) 
  April 20  Portland Paramount Theater (USA) 
  April 21  Seattle Paramount Theater (USA) 
  April 25  San Francisco Berkeley Community Theater (USA) 
  April 26  Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (USA) 
Jul 09 - Aug 07Second North America Tour 1977
  July 09  San Diego Civic Theater (USA) 
  July 10  Tucson Community Theater (USA) 
  July 12  Los Angeles Greek Theater (USA) 
  July 14  Boulder Mackey Auditorium (USA) 
  July 15  Kansas City Uptown Theater (USA) 
  July 17  Baton Rouge Louisiana State University (USA) 
  July 18  Houston Music Hall (USA) 
  July 20  New Orleans Municipal Auditorium (USA) 
  July 21  Memphis Ellis Auditorium (USA) 
  July 22  Atlanta Fox Theater (USA) 
  July 25  Columbia Merriweather Post Pavilion (USA) 
  July 27  Poughkeepsie Mid-Hudson Civic Center (USA) 
  July 28  New York City Palladium (USA) 
  July 29  Hempstead Calderone Concert Hall (USA) 
  July 30  Wildwood Convention Center (USA) 
  August 01  Quebec City Convention Center (Canada) 
  August 02  Montreal Place des Nations (Canada) 
  August 04  Toronto Convocation Hall (Canada) 
  August 05  Toronto Convocation Hall (Canada) 
  August 06  Meadowbrook Pine Knob (USA) 
  August 07  Milwaukee Performing Arts Center (USA) 


Feb 19 - Mar 28Cyclone Tour
  February 19  Berlin Eissporthalle (Germany) 
  February 20  Offenbach Stadthalle (Germany) 
  February 21  Mannheim Musensaal (Germany) 
  February 22  Munich Deutsches Museum (Germany) 
  February 23  Erlangen Stadthalle (Germany) 
  February 24  Hamburg Audimax (Germany) 
  February 25  Düsseldorf Philipshalle (Germany) 
  February 26  Nancy Foire des Expositions (France) 
  February 27  Reims Opera (France) 
  February 28  Rouen Parc des Expositions (France) 
  March 01  Nantes Palais de la Beaujoire (France) 
  March 03  Dijon Palais des Congrès (France) 
  March 04  Lille Chapiteau Parking de la Foire International (France) 
  March 06  Paris Palais des Congrès (France) 
  March 08  Bordeaux Chapiteau Campus de Talence (France) 
  March 09  Toulouse Parc des Expositions (France) 
  March 10  Pau Parc des Expositions (France) 
  March 11  Pamplona Pabellón Anaitasuna (Spain) 
  March 12  Valencia Pabellón Deportivo Marcol (Spain) 
  March 13  Barcelona Nuevo Pabellon (Spain) 
  March 15  Marseille Chapiteau (France) 
  March 17  Brussels Cirque Royal (Belgium) 
  March 19  Oxford Apollo Theatre (UK) 
  March 20  London Hammersmith Odeon (UK) 
  March 21  Portsmouth Guild Hall (UK) 
  March 22  Birmingham Birmingham Odeon (UK) 
  March 23  Newcastle City Hall (UK) 
  March 24  Glasgow Apollo Theatre (UK) 
  March 25  Manchester Apollo Theatre (UK) 
  March 26  Liverpool Empire Hall (UK) 
  March 27  Croydon Fairfield Hall (UK) 
  March 28  London Hammersmith Odeon (UK) 


Mar 17 - Apr 11Germany Tour 1979
  March 17  Essen Grugahalle (Germany) 
  March 18  Bremen Stadthalle (Germany) 
  March 19  Berlin Deutschlandhalle (Germany) 
  March 21  Hannover Eilenridehalle (Germany) 
  March 22  Münster Münsterlandhalle (Germany) 
  March 23  Cologne Sporthalle (Germany) 
  March 26  Offenbach Stadthalle (Germany) 
  April 11  Munich Olympiahalle (Germany) 


January 31East Berlin Palast der Republik (GDR) 
Oct 11 - Nov 23Tour 1980
  October 11  Kiel Ball Pompös (Germany) 
  October 12  Bremen Stadthalle (Germany) 
  October 13  Brussels Cirque Royal (Belgium) 
  October 14  Munich Deutsches Museum (Germany) 
  October 15  Düsseldorf Philipshalle (Germany) 
  October 16  Hamburg Congress Centrum (Germany) 
  October 17  Luxembourg Centre Sportif (Luxembourg) 
  October 19  Mestre Palazzo dello Sport (Italy) 
  October 20  Bologna Palasport (Italy) 
  October 21  Genova Teatro Margherita (Italy) 
  October 23  Barcelona Palau Blau-Grana II (Spain) 
  October 25  Porto (Portugal) 
  October 26  Lisbon Parilhao dos Balenenses (Portugal) 
  October 31  Cork Connolly Hall (Ireland) 
  November 01  Dublin National Stadium (Ireland) 
  November 02  Newcastle City Hall (UK) 
  November 03  Glasgow Apollo Theatre (UK) 
  November 04  Edinburgh Odeon Theatre (UK) 
  November 05  Preston Guild Hall (UK) 
  November 07  Birmingham Odeon Theatre (UK) 
  November 08  Manchester Apollo Theatre (UK) 
  November 09  London Victoria Apollo (UK) 
  November 10  London Victoria Apollo (UK) 
  November 11  Portsmouth Guild Hall (UK) 
  November 12  Oxford Apollo Theatre (UK) 
  November 13  Ipswich Gaumont Theatre (UK) 
  November 14  Derby Assembly Rooms (UK) 
  November 15  Liverpool Royal Court (UK) 
  November 22  Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (USA) 
  November 23  San Francisco Warfield Theatre (USA) 


Jan 20 - Feb 14Europe Tour 1981
  January 20  Essen Grugahalle (Germany) 
  January 21  Aachen Eurogress (Germany) 
  January 22  Mannheim Mozartsaal (Germany) 
  January 23  Kassel Stadthalle (Germany) 
  January 24  Hannover Eilenriedehalle (Germany) 
  January 26  West Berlin International Congress Centrum (Germany) 
  January 28  Erlangen Stadthalle (Germany) 
  January 29  Würzburg Kurnachtalhalle (Germany) 
  January 30  Frankfurt Jahrhunderthalle (Germany) 
  February 02  Paris Bataclan Palace (France) 
  February 04  Milano (Italy) 
  February 05  Genova (Italy) 
  February 06  Rome Palazzetto dello Sport (Italy) 
  February 07  Perugia (Italy) 
  February 07  Cantu Palasport Piarelli (Italy) 
  February 08  Florence Teatro Tenda (Italy) 
  February 09  Reggio Elimia (Italy) 
  February 10  Udine (Italy) 
  February 11  Padua (Italy) 
  February 12  Turin (Italy) 
  February 13  Padua (Italy) 
  February 14  Cantu (Italy) 
August 29West Berlin Platz der Republik (Germany) 
Oct 15 - Oct 29British Isles Tour 1981
  October 15  Oxford Apollo Theatre (UK) 
  October 16  Portsmouth Guildhall (UK) 
  October 17  Brighton Dome (UK) 
  October 18  Ipswich Gaumont Theatre (UK) 
  October 19  Cork James Connolly Hall (Ireland) 
  October 20  London Hammersmith Odeon (UK) 
  October 21  Birmingham Odeon Theatre (UK) 
  October 22  Sheffield City Hall (UK) 
  October 23  Derby Assembly Rooms (UK) 
  October 24  Manchester Apollo Theatre (UK) 
  October 25  Newcastle City Hall (UK) 
  October 26  Edinburgh Usher Hall (UK) 
  October 27  Glasgow Apollo City Hall (UK) 
  October 28  Preston Guild Hall (UK) 
  October 29  Liverpool Royal Court (UK) 
November 11Gelsenkirchen Lukaskirche (Germany) 
December 09Munich Circus-Krone-Bau (Germany) 


Feb 22 - Mar 01Australia Tour 1982
  February 22  Sydney Regent Theatre (Australia) 
  February 24  Adelaide Thebarton Town Hall (Australia) 
  February 26  Perth Concert Hall (Australia) 
  March 01  Melbourne Dallas Brooks Hall (Australia) 
Oct 17 - Nov 25Europe Tour 1982
  October 17  Wien Kurhalle Oberlaa (Austria) 
  October 19  Budapest Sportcsarnok (Hungary) 
  October 22  Zagreb Sportshall (Yugoslavia) 
  October 23  Belgrade Pioneer Hall (Yugoslavia) 
  October 24  Novisad Itala Sport (Yugoslavia) 
  October 26  Stuttgart Liederhalle (Germany) 
  October 27  Frankfurt Alte Oper (Germany) 
  October 29  Glasgow Apollo City Hall (UK) 
  October 30  Derby Assembly Rooms (UK) 
  October 31  Croydon Fairfield Hall (UK) 
  November 01  Manchester Apollo Theatre (UK) 
  November 02  Bristol Colston Hall (UK) 
  November 03  Oxford Apollo Theatre (UK) 
  November 04  Sheffield City Hall (UK) 
  November 05  Birmingham Odeon (UK) 
  November 06  London Dominion (UK) 
  November 08  Brussels Vrije Universiteit (Belgium) 
  November 10  Mannheim Rosengarten (Germany) 
  November 11  Düsseldorf Philipshalle (Germany) 
  November 12  Munich Circus Crone Bau (Germany) 
  November 14  Hamburg Congress Centrum (Germany) 
  November 15  West Berlin ICC (Germany) 
  November 17  Schwedt Sporthalle (GDR) 
  November 19  Rostock Sport Kongresshalle (GDR) 
  November 20  Rostock Sport Kongresshalle (GDR) 
  November 21  Rostock Sport Kongresshalle (GDR) 
  November 22  Suhl (GDR) 
  November 23  Erfurt (GDR) 
  November 24  Gera Kulturhaus (GDR) 
  November 25  Karl-Marx-Stadt Stadthalle (GDR) 


June 11Frankfurt Alte Oper (Germany) 
Jun 22 - Jun 28Japan Tour 1983
  June 22  Tokyo Sun Plaza Hall (Japan) 
  June 23  Tokyo Sun Plaza Hall (Japan) 
  June 25  Tokyo Koseinenkin Hall (Japan) 
  June 27  Nagoya Koseinenkin Hall (Japan) 
  June 28  Osaka Festival Hall (Japan) 
Aug 30 - Aug 31Greece Concerts 1983
  August 30  Athens Lycabettus Theatre (Greece) 
  August 31  Athens Lycabettus Theatre (Greece) 
Nov 26 - Dec 14East Europe Concerts 1983
  November 26  Dresden Hygienemuseum (GDR) 
  November 28  Magdeburg Stadthalle (GDR) 
  December 09  Poznan Arena (Poland) 
  December 10  Warsaw Ice Stadium (Poland) 
  December 11  Zabrze Hala Sportowa KWK 'Makoszowy' (Poland) 
  December 12  Lodz Hala Sportowa (Poland) 
  December 14  Opole Hala Sportowa (Poland) 


Mar 09 - Mar 31Europe Tour 1986
  March 09  Leicester De Montford Hall (UK) 
  March 10  Sheffield City Hall (UK) 
  March 11  Newcastle City Hall (UK) 
  March 12  Edinburgh Playhouse (UK) 
  March 13  Preston Guild Hall (UK) 
  March 14  Manchester Apollo (UK) 
  March 15  Ipswich Gaumont Theatre (UK) 
  March 16  Croydon Fairfield Hall (UK) 
  March 17  Birmingham Odeon (UK) 
  March 18  Hanley Victoria Hall (UK) 
  March 19  Liverpool Royal Court (UK) 
  March 20  Bradford St. Georges Hall (UK) 
  March 21  Harrogate Conference Centre (UK) 
  March 22  Nottingham Royal Centre (UK) 
  March 23  Lincoln Ritz (UK) 
  March 24  Brighton Dome (UK) 
  March 25  Bristol Hippodrome (UK) 
  March 26  Oxford Apollo Theatre (UK) 
  March 27  London Hammersmith Odeon (UK) 
  March 29  Cologne WDR Sendesaal (Germany) 
  March 31  Paris Olympia Theatre (France) 
May 30 - Jun 29North America Tour 1986
  May 30  Vancouver Expo '86 Open Air (Canada) 
  May 31  Seattle Paramount Theater (USA) 
  June 01  Portland Arlene Schnitzler Hall (USA) 
  June 03  San Francisco Warfield Theater (USA) 
  June 04  Santa Fe Palo Soleri Amphitheater (USA) 
  June 05  Los Angeles Universal City Amphitheater (USA) 
  June 06  Laguna Hills Irvine Meadows Amphitheater (USA) 
  June 07  Phoenix Mesa Amphitheater (USA) 
  June 08  Albuquerque Convention Center Kiva Auditorium (USA) 
  June 11  Denver Paramount (USA) 
  June 13  Kansas City Bonner Springs Sandstone Amphitheater (USA) 
  June 15  Chicago Riviera Theatre (USA) 
  June 16  Minneapolis Orpheum (USA) 
  June 17  Milwaukee Oriental Theater (USA) 
  June 19  Montreal Place des Arts (Canada) 
  June 20  Ottawa National Arts Center (Canada) 
  June 21  Toronto Massey Hall (Canada) 
  June 23  Rochester Meadowbrooks Music Festival (USA) 
  June 24  Cleveland Convention Center Music Hall (USA) 
  June 25  Philadelphia Upper Darby Tower Theatre (USA) 
  June 26  Boston Orpheum Theater (USA) 
  June 27  Providence Performing Arts Center (USA) 
  June 28  New York City Beacon Theatre (USA) 
  June 29  Washington D.C. Warner Theater (USA) 
November 15San Francisco Warfield Theatre (USA) 


August 01West Berlin Platz der Republik (Germany) 


Aug 25 - Sep 28North America Tour 1988
  August 25  Chicago Hoffman Estates Poplar Creek Music Center (USA) 
  August 26  Milwaukee Riverside Theatre (USA) 
  August 28  Pittsburg Benedum Theater (USA) 
  August 29  Columbus Ohio Theater (USA) 
  August 30  Cleveland Nautica Stage (USA) 
  August 31  Detroit Pine Knob Theater (USA) 
  September 01  Toronto Massey Hall (Canada) 
  September 02  Montreal La Ronde (Canada) 
  September 03  Quebec City L'Agora Theater (Canada) 
  September 06  Somerville Somerville Theater (USA) 
  September 07  New York City Radio City Music Hall (USA) 
  September 08  Washington D.C. Kennedy Center (USA) 
  September 09  New Haven Palace Theater (USA) 
  September 10  Philadelphia Tower Theater (USA) 
  September 13  Atlanta Center Stage Theater (USA) 
  September 14  Sarasota Van Wezel Performing Arts Hall (USA) 
  September 15  Miami Cameo Theater (USA) 
  September 16  New Orleans McAlistair Auditorium (USA) 
  September 17  Houston Jones Hall (USA) 
  September 18  Dallas Starplex Amphitheatre (USA) 
  September 21  San Diego California Auditorium (USA) 
  September 22  Los Angeles Wiltern Theater (USA) 
  September 23  Los Angeles Wiltern Theater (USA) 
  September 24  Berkeley Community Center (USA) 
  September 27  Seattle Paramount Theater (USA) 
  September 28  Vancouver Orpheum Theatre (Canada) 


February 20East Berlin Werner-Seelenbinder Halle (GDR) 
Oct 25 - Nov 06UK Tour 1990
  October 25  Worthing Assembly Hall (UK) 
  October 26  London Hammersmith Odeon (UK) 
  October 27  London Hammersmith Odeon (UK) 
  October 28  Manchester Apollo Theatre (UK) 
  October 29  Nottingham Royal Centre (UK) 
  October 30  Sheffield City Hall (UK) 
  October 31  Edinburgh Playhouse (UK) 
  November 01  Newcastle City Hall (UK) 
  November 02  Bradford St. Georges Hall (UK) 
  November 03  Wolverhampton Civic Hall (UK) 
  November 04  Oxford Apollo Theatre (UK) 
  November 05  Exeter (UK) 
  November 06  Bristol Colston Hall (UK) 


Oct 04 - Nov 01North America Tour 1992
  October 04  Toronto Music Hall (Canada) 
  October 05  Montreal Wilfred Peltier Theater (Canada) 
  October 06  Quebec City Le Grand Theatre (Canada) 
  October 07  New Britain The Sting (USA) 
  October 08  Boston Berklee Performing Arts Center (USA) 
  October 09  New York Beacon Theater (USA) 
  October 10  Philadelphia Upper Darby Tower Theater (USA) 
  October 12  Pittsburg (USA) 
  October 13  Washington D.C. Lisner Auditorium (USA) 
  October 14  Columbus Palace Theatre (USA) 
  October 15  Baltimore Shriver Hall (USA) 
  October 16  Highland Heights Front Row (USA) 
  October 17  Chicago Old Vic Theater (USA) 
  October 18  Minneapolis Orpheum (USA) 
  October 20  Detroit Fox Theater (USA) 
  October 22  Denver Paramount Theater (USA) 
  October 24  Portland Intermediate Theater (USA) 
  October 25  Seattle Paramount Theater (USA) 
  October 27  San Francisco Warfield Theater (USA) 
  October 28  San Juan Capistrano Coach House (USA) 
  October 29  Scottsdale Amphitheater (USA) 
  October 30  Los Angeles Wiltern Theater (USA) 
  November 01  Ventura Theater (USA) 


July 12Los Angeles S.I.R. Theater (USA) 


November 30London Shepherds Bush Empire (UK) 


Apr 09 - Jun 13Europe Tour 1997
  April 09  Vienna MuseumsQuartier (Austria) 
  April 10  Filderstadt FILharmonie (Germany) 
  April 11  Bonn Beethovenhalle (Germany) 
  April 12  Munich Circus-Krone-Bau (Germany) 
  April 13  Erlangen Stadthalle (Germany) 
  April 15  Hamburg Musikhalle (Germany) 
  April 16  Berlin Hochschule der Künste (Germany) 
  April 17  Hannover Musikhalle (Germany) 
  April 18  Neu-Isenburg Huguenottenhalle (Germany) 
  April 19  Brussels L'Ancienne Belgique (Belgium) 
  April 20  Amsterdam Melkweg/The Max (Netherlands) 
  April 22  Budapest Petöfi Csarnok (Hungary) 
  April 23  Zabrze Dome Muziki I Tanca (Poland) 
  April 24  Prague Sky Club Brumlovka (Czech Republic) 
  June 13  Warsaw Sala Kongresowa (Poland) 
Oct 29 - Nov 06UK Tour 1997
  October 29  Bristol Colston Hall (UK) 
  October 30  Nottingham Royal Concert Hall (UK) 
  November 01  Glasgow Royal Concert Hall (UK) 
  November 02  Leeds Town & Country Club (UK) 
  November 03  Birmingham Symphony Hall (UK) 
  November 04  Manchester Apollo (UK) 
  November 06  London Shepherds Bush Empire (UK) 


September 02Berlin Potsdamer Platz, Sony Center (Germany) 


Apr 16 - Apr 25Germany Tour 1999
  April 16  Glauchau Sachsenlandhalle (Germany) 
  April 18  Mainz Schloss (Germany) 
  April 19  Berlin Huchschule der Künste (Germany) 
  April 20  Castrop-Rauxel Forum (Germany) 
  April 21  Munich Reithalle (Germany) 
  April 22  Hannover Theater am Aegi (Germany) 
  April 23  Nuremberg Forum (Germany) 
  April 24  Bonn Beethovenhalle (Germany) 
  April 25  Halle Händelhalle (Germany) 
June 12Osnabrück Stadthalle (Germany) 


May 12London Shepherds Bush Empire (UK) 
August 31Warsaw Swietokrzyski Bridge (Poland) 
October 07Bernau St.-Marien-Kirche (Germany) 
Oct 13 - Nov 15US Tour 2001
  October 13  Boynton Beach Orbit (USA) 
  October 14  St Petersburg Janus Landing (USA) 
  October 16  Atlanta Variety Playhouse (USA) 
  October 19  New York City BB King Blues Band (USA) 
  October 20  Philadelphia Theatre of Living Arts (USA) 
  October 21  Uncasville Mohegan Sun (USA) 
  October 23  Boston Scullers Jazz Club (USA) 
  October 24  Buffalo The Trail (USA) 
  October 25  Alexandria Birchmere (USA) 
  October 26  Rochester Water St Music Hall (USA) 
  October 27  Pittsburgh Rosebud (USA) 
  October 29  Cincinnati Bogart's (USA) 
  November 01  Detroit Second City (USA) 
  November 02  Chicago House of Blues (USA) 
  November 03  Milwaukee Riverside Theatre (USA) 
  November 04  Minneapolis First Avenue (USA) 
  November 06  Denver Paramount (USA) 
  November 08  San Francisco Fillmore (USA) 
  November 09  Ventura Ventura Theatre (USA) 
  November 10  Anaheim House of Blues (USA) 
  November 11  Los Angeles House of Blues (West Hollywood) (USA) 
  November 14  Portland Aladdin (USA) 
  November 15  Seattle Showbox (USA) 


June 15Berlin Museumsinsel (Germany) 
Aug 23 - Aug 24Inferno
  August 23  Nideggen Burg (Germany) 
  August 24  Nideggen Burg (Germany) 


February 15London Astoria (UK) 


March 06London Royal Festival Hall (UK) 
Apr 22 - Apr 25Spanish Tour 2004
  April 22  Madrid Aqualung (Spain) 
  April 23  Granada La Copera (Spain) 
  April 24  Madrid Sala Macumba (Spain) 
  April 25  Barcelona Sala Bikini (Spain) 


June 11London Shepherds Bush Empire (UK) 
Jul 08 - Jul 09Jeanne D'Arc
  July 08  Berlin Friedrichstadtkirche (Germany) 
  July 09  Berlin Friedrichstadtkirche (Germany) 
Sep 23 - Sep 25Paradiso
  September 23  Brandenburg Theater (Germany) 
  September 24  Brandenburg Theater (Germany) 
  September 25  Brandenburg Theater (Germany) 
October 14Essen Philharmonie (Germany) 


Jan 18 - Jan 19Paradiso
  January 18  Potsdam Hans-Otto-Theater (Germany) 
  January 19  Potsdam Hans-Otto-Theater (Germany) 
September 21Berlin Tempodrom (Germany) 


April 20London Astoria (UK) 
July 01Eberswalde Marktplatz (Germany) 
October 07Frankfurt Alte Oper (Germany) 


April 13Eindhoven Technic University Auditorium (Netherlands) 
July 18St. Goarshausen Loreley Open Air (Germany) 
November 01London The Forum Kentishtown (UK) 
November 02Edinburgh The Picture House (UK) 
November 07Los Angeles UCLA Royce Hall (USA) 


May 30Berlin Kulturkaufhaus Dussmann (Germany) 
August 29Northeim Waldbühne (Germany) 
August 30Berlin Citadelle Spandau (Germany) 
September 05Peninsula Izu Cycle Sports Center (Japan) 
September 12Paris Olympia (France) 


Mar 25 - Apr 01Mini European Tour 2010
  March 25  Lisbon Coliseu Dos Recreios (Portugal) 
  March 27  Barcelona Sant Jordi Club (Spain) 
  March 28  Paris Olympia (France) 
  March 30  Zoetermeer Cultuurpodium Boerderij (Netherlands) 
  April 01  London Royal Albert Hall (UK) 


May 28Manchester The Lowry (UK) 
June 24Tenerife Magma Art & Congress Hall (Spain) 
October 28Asheville Thomas Wolfe Auditorium (USA) 


Apr 10 - Jul 25Electric Mandarine Tour
  April 10  Budapest Bartók Béla National Concert Hall (Hungary) 
  May 05  Padua Gran Teatro Geox (Italy) 
  May 06  Milano Teatro degli Arcimboldi (Italy) 
  May 07  Zurich Kongresshaus (Switzerland) 
  May 10  Berlin Admiralspalast-Theater (Germany) 
  June 24  London Shepherds Bush Empire (UK) 
  June 30  Montreal Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier (Canada) 
  July 04  Ottawa Lebreton Flats (Canada) 
  July 05  Boston House Of Blues (USA) 
  July 06  Philadelphia Underground Arts (USA) 
  July 07  New York Best Buy Theatre (USA) 
  July 08  Washington DC The Howard Theatre (USA) 
  July 11  Santa Barbara The Granada Theatre (USA) 
  July 12  Los Angeles Club Nokia (USA) 
  July 13  Napa Uptown Theatre (USA) 
  July 14  Saragota The Mountain Winery (USA) 


Mar 25 - Mar 30Cruise To The Edge
  March 26   MSC Poesia (Caribbean Sea) 
September 30New York St. Paul the Apostle's Church (USA) 


April 03Copenhagen Tivolis Koncertsal (Denmark) 
Apr 07 - Apr 12Cruise To The Edge
  April 09   MSC Divina (Caribbean Sea) 
  April 11   MSC Divina (Caribbean Sea) 
May 18 - Jun 09Phaedra Farewell Tour 2014
  May 18  Tel Aviv Charles Bronfman Auditorium (Israel) 
  May 20  Barcelona Avinguda Parallel, 62 (Spain) 
  May 22  Paris La Trianon (France) 
  May 23  London Shepherds Bush Empire (UK) 
  May 24  Nijmegen Concertgebouw De Vereeniging (Netherlands) 
  May 26  Munich Circus Krone (Germany) 
  May 27  Stuttgart Theaterhaus (Germany) 
  May 28  Nuremberg Meistersingerhalle (Germany) 
  May 30  Berlin Admiralspalast (Germany) 
  May 31  Offenbach Capitol (Germany) 
  June 01  Cologne Theater am Tanzbrunnen (Germany) 
  June 02  Cologne Theater am Tanzbrunnen (Germany) 
  June 03  Vienna Bank Austria Halle (Austria) 
  June 04  Warsaw Hala Arena Ursynow (Poland) 
  June 06  Moscow Crocus City Hall (Russia) 
  June 07  St. Petersburg Lensoveta Palace Of Culture (Russia) 
  June 09  Turin Teatro Colosseo (Italy) 
November 16Melbourne Town Hall (Australia) 
November 20Melbourne Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), Cinema 2 (Australia) 


January 30Berlin Haus der Berliner Festspiele (Germany) 
June 09Szczecin Philharmony (Poland) 
September 03Windeck kabelmetal (Germany) 
September 08Augst Amphitheater Augusta Raurica (Switzerland) 


January 21Berlin Haus der Berliner Festspiele (Germany) 
January 28Budapest A38 (Hungary) 
February 26Hong Kong Academic Community Hall (China) 
June 23Berlin Ballhaus Rixdorf (Germany) 
June 24Berlin Berliner Musikinstrumentenmuseum (Germany) 
October 21Oirschot Sociaal Cultureel Centrum De Enck (Netherlands) 
October 22Oirschot Sociaal Cultureel Centrum De Enck (Netherlands) 
November 19Berlin Volksbühne (Germany) 
December 15Dambuk (India) 


February 07Hamburg Elbphilharmonie (Germany) 
April 13Halle (Saale) Georg-Friedrich-Händel-Halle (Germany) 
April 14Dresden Kulturpalast (Philharmonie) (Germany) 
April 23London Union Chapel Islington (UK) 
April 24London Union Chapel Islington (UK) 
May 12Duisburg Theater am Marientor (Germany) 
May 18St. Petersburg Alexandrinsky Theater (Russia) 
August 01Amsterdam Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ (Netherlands) 
August 04Ozora The Dome (Hungary) 
August 06Ozora Ambyss (Hungary) 
August 10Oslo Tøyenparken (Norway) 
August 11Gothenburg Slottskogen (Sweden) 
August 12Helsinki Suvilahti (Finland) 
August 24Foligno Auditorium San Domenico (Italy) 
October 06Valletta St. Elmo Square (Malta) 
October 13Pisa Teatro Verdi (Italy) 
November 03Berlin Großer Sendesaal (Germany) 
November 10Barcelona Fabra i Coats (Spain) 
December 30Bochum Planetarium (Germany) 


March 13London Barbican Hall (UK) 
March 15Glasgow BAaD Club (UK) 
June 10Leipzig Volkspalast Kuppelhalle (Germany) 
June 14Jena Zeiss Planetarium (Germany) 
Oct 23 - Nov 0916 Steps Random & Revision Tour 2019
  October 23  Prague Roxy Prague (Czechia) 
  October 24  Zoetermeer Cultuurpodium Boerderij (Netherlands) 
  October 25  Berlin Passionskirche (Germany) 
  October 26  Warsaw Progresja (Poland) 
  October 27  Cēsis Cēsis Vidzeme Concert Hall (Latvia) 
  October 29  Vilnius Kablys (Lithuania) 
  October 30  Helsinki The Circus (Finland) 
  November 01  Stockholm Nalen (Sweden) 
  November 02  Copenhagen Vega (Danmark) 
  November 03  Oslo Rockefeller Music Hall (Norway) 
  November 08  Madrid Sala But (Spain) 
  November 09  Valencia Rock City (Spain) 


August 15Gdansk Hevelianum (Poland) 
August 17Warsaw Progresja (Poland) 


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