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1986, May 30 - 1986, June 29

North America Tour 1986


Line-upEdgar Froese, Chris Franke, Paul Haslinger


May 30Vancouver Expo '86 Open Air (Canada)
May 31Seattle Paramount Theater (USA)
June 01Portland Arlene Schnitzler Hall (USA)
June 03San Francisco Warfield Theater (USA)
June 04Santa Fe Palo Soleri Amphitheater (USA)
June 05Los Angeles Universal City Amphitheater (USA)
June 06Laguna Hills Irvine Meadows Amphitheater (USA)
June 07Phoenix Mesa Amphitheater (USA)
June 08Albuquerque Convention Center Kiva Auditorium (USA)
June 11Denver Paramount (USA)
June 13Kansas City Bonner Springs Sandstone Amphitheater (USA)
June 15Chicago Riviera Theatre (USA)
June 16Minneapolis Orpheum (USA)
June 17Milwaukee Oriental Theater (USA)
June 19Montreal Place des Arts (Canada)
June 20Ottawa National Arts Center (Canada)
June 21Toronto Massey Hall (Canada)
June 23Rochester Meadowbrooks Music Festival (USA)
June 24Cleveland Convention Center Music Hall (USA)
June 25Philadelphia Upper Darby Tower Theatre (USA)
June 26Boston Orpheum Theater (USA)
June 27Providence Performing Arts Center (USA)
June 28New York City Beacon Theatre (USA)
June 29Washington D.C. Warner Theater (USA)

Set List

Main Set

Pilots Of Purple Twilight (7:30)
The live version of this track opened with some typical 1986 atmospheres (sounds used on Underwater Sunlight and Legend). After about a minute, it launches into a faithful rendition of the studio track from Exit, although going on for slightly longer (simply by virtue of repetition). At the end of the original track, there is a short bridge leading into a small amount of Intro UK 86 to segue into Stratosfear.
Stratosfear (5:00)
Akash Deep (12:45)
Beneath The Waves (4:00)
Zen Garden (5:00)
Scuba Scuba (4:30)
Coloured Rain (4:00)
Piano Medley (5:00)
As with the European version, this track varied from show to show, with different combinations of themes used after the usual opening from Ricochet, Part Two. The version on Vault IV, for instance quotes from Song Of The Whale, Part Two: ...To Dusk, but this was not always present.
Dolphin Dance (7:00)
The Velvet Garden (2:00)
The link track between two extended concert versions of Underwater Sunlight classics. Necessarily different from Northern Lights since it has a different destination.
Ride On The Ray (11:15)
Greatly extended compared to the studio version from Underwater Sunlight. There is a lot of repetition of the end part (in order to incorporate a guitar solo), and the overall sound is "beefier", with heavier percussion and generally more going on in the background. After the main part of the track is over, there is a short bridge into the next track.
Going West (7:00)
Yellowstone Park (6:15)
Underwater Twilight (4:30)
Legend Leftover (3:30)


The compositions during the encores varied from show to show, both in number and sequence.
Unicorn Theme (7:15)
The full "long version" as played live. The version of Vault IV is unforgivably -- and unfathomably -- faded out about a minute from the end. Played as first encore on all gigs except of Vancouver.
Breezeyard (6:30)
A curiosity. Only known to have been played at Vancouver, where, for the only known time, it replaced Unicorn Theme as the first encore. The (occasional) lead line borrows from Cool Breeze Of Brighton, itself borrowed from Scrap Yard. Rhythmically this is probably closer to the former, although much more frenetic. Quite a percussion-heavy track, and probably an excuse for a guitar solo (the track is littered with guitar work).
Fantasy Fair (6:00)
Another curiosity. The only concerts at which this unreleased track is known to have been played were the Toronto date and the Cleveland gig three days later. Stylistically similar to Dolphin Dance, inasmuch as based around four-bar four-chord phrases, but a lot more drum-heavy. Seemingly another excuse for an Edgar guitar solo. This is called Vondelpark on the A Sea Of Dreams bootleg.
Piano Concerto K466 W.A.Mozart (2:15)
An excerpt of a Mozart piece, played as second encore on all gigs with the exception of Toronto (being the third encore there).
Rare Bird (4:30)
A close rendition to the track from Poland, always immediately following the Mozart piece.
Dominion (5:30)
Played as third encore on about eight gigs of this tour.
Bois de Boulogne (5:30)
Played as last (that is, third or even fourth) encore on at least thirteen gigs of this tour.

(All times rounded to nearest 15 seconds and include bridges following song, if any.)

Large parts of this section have been taken from the site What Dreams Are Made Of by kind permission of the authors John A. Burek and Mark Schaffer.


There is very little difference between the tracklist for the North America tour and the earlier European tour (as Vault IV demonstrates). The principal differences here are the addition of Pilots Of Purple Twilight at the beginning of the main set, and the replacement of the couple Cool Breeze Of Brighton/Northern Lights with Ride On The Ray/The Velvet Garden. Consequently, for comments about most tracks, see the 1986 European tour.


The 1986 Tourbook

For the 1986 North America tour a tourbook was published, very similar to that of the European tour earlier that year. The new book features the same material for the most part but is somewhat extended, providing eight more pages with a two-page biography and a number of more recent photos, including some taken during the 1986 Europe tour.

(Click on the image to see a larger version of the cover in a new browser window)



The 1986 Backstage Pass

A backstage pass was issued for the 1986 North America tour, similarily designed to the tourbook.

(Click on the image to see a larger version of the pass in a new browser window)



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