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1986, November 15
San Francisco Warfield Theatre

- Mill Valley Film Festival -


Date1986, November 15
VenueWarfield Theatre
CitySan Francisco
Line-upEdgar Froese, Chris Franke, Paul Haslinger


This was a special performance for Mill Valley Film Festival. TD performed soundtrack music with the movies projected on a screen above them. There were a number of live acts there, including Ry Cooder, Stuart Copeland, Adrian Belew, and Stanly Clarke. TD played only about 40 minutes; the set list is unknown at time of writing.


In an interview with Dream Collector in 1995, Paul Haslinger tries to remember: "...It was one of the most famous film festivals in the USA. They did a special program with Stewart Copeland, Ry Cooder and with us. We finished that evening with a 20-minute set from Miracle Mile and Legend and film projections. It was fun, they had a huge screen with Edgar and Christoph in a tower on the left side and with me on the right side of the stage. When it was over, Edgar took the microphone and said, well, that's all okay with film music, but we want to contribute to the most eminent film composer of all times, and this was somebody who lived 200 years ago and who never heard of anything like films. Then they showed a picture of Amadeus and I played a piece of Mozart."


Advertisement for the San Francisco Concert

Thanks to Robert Forman for providing this scan.

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A Fan's Memories from the San Francisco Concert

"Unfortunately, I don't remember the set-list played at the Mill Valley Film Festival show. I know for sure that Love On A Real Train (Risky Business) was played, and I believe selections from Thief and Sorcerer. It was a real treat seeing clips from the films projected with the music being performed live. I wrote to the old TDIFC suggesting that they do this at their live shows. The answer was that they would love to do this but there were too many rights problems to overcome. The film Amadeus was given prominence at the show, I think because some of the soundtrack work was done in the San Francisco Bay Area. Tangerine Dream closed their set with a short tribute to the film, introduced by Edgar stating it was a film that all present (there were several soundtrack composers present, along with the various musicians who performed) wished they had the talent to have composed the soundtrack."
- Robert Forman



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