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1990, February 20
East Berlin Werner-Seelenbinder Halle

- Brand'n'burger Concert -


Date1990, February 20
VenueWerner-Seelenbinder Halle
CityEast Berlin
Line-upEdgar Froese, Paul Haslinger, Jerome Froese, Linda Spa, Hubert Waldner


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
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2004Tangerine Tree Volume 49: Berlin 1990

Set List

Main Set

Marakesh (8:30)
The track begins with a plane roar noise, then leads into a faithful rendition of the track from Optical Race.
Atlas Eyes (4:15)
The last note of the previous track holds, is then joined by others to form a chord, and then the track proper starts. The rendition is faithful to the album version on Optical Race.
Gaudi Park (Guell Garden Barcelona) (5:15)
The percussive beginning starts over the previous track. In comparison to the studio version on Le Parc this performance is enhanced by the addition of a vocal patch providing a countermelody sporadically throughout.
Cat Scan (5:30)
Segueing seamlessly from the previous track, again the live version here is enhanced by a high countermelody, but otherwise is basically the same as the Optical Race version. Finishes with a deep, menacing boom, over which the following track starts.
Teetering Scales (3:30)
The Miracle Mile track is overlaid with a new trumpet patch line, echoing somewhat the Mellotron lead of Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme). The track ends with a low, harpsichordesque patch; the next track then begins immediately.
Lily On The Beach (4:30)
A faithful rendition, as one might expect from an offering from their latest album Lily On The Beach. There is, however, a new bridge at the end, lasting about 15 seconds.
Nomad's Scale (8:45)
Same as the 1988 version, but missing the piano intro. Here, the piece starts with a few seconds of atmospheres before jumping into the fast-sequenced/guitar solos section. Also here, both Edgar and Jerome play guitar, instead of just Edgar (as in 1988).
Daybreak On The River Spree (3:45)
This is an introductory piece, which starts with a harpsichord patch (almost) solo, accompanied by a choir voice. A bass voice and drums join soon afterwards. The effect is slow and magisterial. Typical of the material around the time of Optical Race. The drums slow down and drop out, and the end of the track is swamped by a swirling effect, leading into the next track.
Longing For Cashba (9:30)
As appears on i-Box, there is half a minute missing from the beginning of this track, and a minute and a half missing from the end. The excised beginning can be heard again at about 4:30 in the released version; this four bar phrase is played twice before reaching the beginning of the released version. The released version is pretty much as played live, although there was no saxophone, and the funky fat synth lead line from the middle is not original. The missing end part comes in as the harpsichord reprises the opening section. The tomtoms come in after the percussion has gone, followed by a panpipe voice. There is a slight variation in the harpsichord's pattern, before it leaves the drums mainly on their own. A glockenspiel-type voice plays an ascending melody, and each fifth bar opens with a resonating bong a la Miracle Mile. The melody alternates between four bars in the tonic and four in the subdominant. The piece modulates into the supertonic after a few phrases. Eventually the track ends with an echo on the dominant, and a flourishing vocal chord (no pun intended).
Mount Shasta (4:30)
Again, another track from Lily On The Beach performed faithfully.
Alaskan Summer (3:30)
A new bridge from the previous track, but then an accurate exposition of the Lily On The Beach version, aside from the odd new high voice.
Wall-Street (3:30)
Kicks off where the previous track left off. Faithful to the album version from Destination Berlin. This is the first point in the show when the saxes are actually played.
Hitchhikers Point (5:15)
Breathlessly, the last track ends as on the album version, and then we're straight into this track (from Destination Berlin, too).
Long Island Sunset (7:30)
A short bridging passage links the last track to this one, which then proceeds faithfully as the Lily On The Beach album version.


Alchemy Of The Heart (4:30)
A greatly condensed version of the Tyger composition.
Alexander Square (7:15)
This mix is unique but is closer to the extended mix on the Alexander Square single than the Destination Berlin album version. The percussion is much more vibrant than on any of the released versions.
Ruling The Waves (5:45)
This non-album track was also sometimes played as an encore during the forthcoming 1990 British tour. Paul Haslinger and Jerome Froese on synth pads, Edgar Froese on keys.
Berlin Summer Nights (4:45)
Faithful to the album version from Destination Berlin.
House Of The Rising Sun (6:30)
A quite different mix, much jauntier than the 1988 North America version or the version on Antique Dreams: new intro, new brassy middle section, and dual sax accompaniment.

(All times rounded to nearest 15 seconds and include bridges following song, if any.)

Large parts of this section have been taken from the site What Dreams Are Made Of by kind permission of the authors John A. Burek and Mark Schaffer.


This is a notable show for a variety of reasons. Firstly, given its timing, it's the only show remotely in support of Lily On The Beach.


Secondly, there are no fewer than four tracks from Destination Berlin -- a unique achievement in one concert for original soundtrack material (although The Keep and Wavelength contain several live tracks, their live appearances predate the films that they appeared in). Given the location, of course, perhaps this is not that surprising.


Thirdly, this is the last occasion that the band would play live in a divided Berlin.


Finally, this was the first TD gig with Jerome Froese and Linda Spa. Linda did appear for the last 15 minutes of the main set while Jerome was on stage for the whole gig and did play his first guitar duet with Edgar in the middle of the set.


Programme from the East Berlin Concert

These are four pages from the 1990 concert programme of the Werner-Seelenbinder-Halle -- the front page and three pages where TD is mentioned.

Thanks to Peter Ravn for providing this scan.

(Click on the image to open a scanned version of the programme in a new browser window)



Ticket from the East Berlin Concert

Thanks to Jacob Pertou for uploading this ticket scan to his blog.

(Click on the image to see a larger version of the ticket in a new browser window)



Footage from the East Berlin Concert

This is some footage from the backstage meeting that took place after the concert.

(This is a link to YouTube; the video is not part of this site.)



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