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Lily On The Beach

There are several official versions of this composition:
  • the original studio recording from 1989
  • a live recording from 1990
  • an alleged live recording of unknown date
  • a studio re-recording from 2002
  • two live recordings from 2008 and 2009


Recording year1989
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Paul Haslinger


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
1989Lily On The Beach [a] 4:16
Lily On The Beach [b] [2002 re-recording]4:14
2000i-Box [a] [Titled Lily On The Beach (Live)][Alleged live version]4:14
2004East [a] [1990 live version]4:04
2008Loreley [a] [2008 live version]3:14
Loreley [b] [2008 live version]3:11
2009Ballads [a] [2002 re-recording]4:13
2010Izu [a] [2009 live version]4:14
Izu [b] [2009 live version]4:11
Izu [c] [2009 live version]4:11
Tangerine Dream: Fan Releases
2004Tangerine Tree Volume 49: Berlin 1990 [a] [1990 live version]4:17
Tangerine Tree Volume 49: Berlin 1990 [b] [1990 live version]4:26

Live Performances

1990February 20East Berlin Werner-Seelenbinder Halle (GDR)
2008July 18St. Goarshausen Loreley Open Air (Germany)
2009September 05Peninsula Izu Cycle Sports Center (Japan)


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