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Jerome Froese


Edgar Froese's son Jerome (born on November 24th, 1970) officially joined TD in 1990, performing live in January. On the studio album Melrose later in that year he appeared for the first time as a regular member of TD, after he had played lead guitar as guest musician on the track Radio City on its predecessor Lily On The Beach. Though Jerome Froese is playing mainly keyboards and guitars, his first instrument was a drumset bought by his parents as a christmas present in 1987. In spite of what people might expect, Edgar and Jerome Froese obviously have no problem with the father-son-relationship. They agreed on one thing which the have upheld for more than ten years now: With regards to musical opinions, the family realtionship plays absolutely no role.

In the late nineties Jerome Froese started to perform radio shows and live acts under the artist name "TDJ Rome", a play on words with the common abbreviation for Tangerine Dream and Disc Jockey and his first name. In 2000 he started to release solo singles. In late 2006 he left Tangerine Dream to focus on his solo career that produced a number of releases throughout the years.

In 2011, together with Johannes Schmoelling and Robert Wässer, he formed the project Loom.


There is an official web site of Jerome Froese:


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