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2014, May 20
Barcelona Avinguda Parallel, 62

- Phaedra Farewell Tour 2014 / 25 Guitar Festival - BARTS -


Date2014, May 20
VenueAvinguda Parallel, 62


Together with the two planned gigs in Moscow and St. Petersburg, this concert was cancelled. On April 26th, 2014 the following statement was published on the TD web site:


"After returning from a successful Cruise To The Edge we were unfortunately confronted with some bad news and until today we were fighting together with our agents to avoid making them happen, but we failed. Unfortunately the local promoters from Spain (Barcelona) and Russia (Moscow & St. Petersburg) cancelled the concerts. The Russian promoter cancelled due to the political situation in Russia which has an enormous effect on the economic state over there and the Spanish promoter simply didn't stick to the agreed contract. We are very sorry and sad about these awful circumstances, but our lawyers advised us to swallow the bitter pill. It's a loss for everybody, for us as band and crew and of course for our fans who already were looking forward to the concerts. Unfortunately here the artist is the weakest link in a chain. We will keep you updated if there will be further information. All other concerts will take place as announced."


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