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2010, March 25
Lisbon Coliseu Dos Recreios

- Rocking Moon And Rolling Stars / Mini European Tour 2010 -


Date2010, March 25
VenueColiseu Dos Recreios
Line-upEdgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Linda Spa, Iris Camaa, Bernhard Beibl


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
2010Live In Lisbon

Set List

Main Set

Birth Of Liquid Plejades (3:00)
Broken Feather (2:15)
Rubycon, Part One (5:45)
Phaedra (4:30)
Stratosfear '95 (7:30)
Kiew Mission (4:30)
Song Of The Whale, Part Two: ...To Dusk (4:00)
No Man's Land (3:15)
Poland (3:45)
Tangram Set Two (4:45)
Ayumi's Loom (4:00)
Cloudburst Flight (8:15)
Order Of The Ginger Gild (5:00)
Warsaw In The Sun (6:00)
Cinnamon Road (3:45)
Death Of A Nightingale (6:15)
Alchemy Of The Heart (6:30)
Astrophel And Stella (4:45)
Oracular World (4th Teaching) (5:15)
Gymnopédies (3:15)
Mombasa (5:15)
The Halloween Cast (Rolling The World's Pumpkin Part I) (9:00)
Exit (6:45)
Carmel Calif (8:15)
Daughters Of Time (9:00)
Two Drunken Angels At Trafalgar Square (6:00)
Boat To China (9:00)
Bells Of Accra (8:00)
Transition (6:45)
Trauma (11:15)


Jungle Voice (1:15)
Logos Red (3:45)
One Night In Space (10:00)


Advertisement for the Lisbon Concert

Thanks to Jacob Pertou for uploading this image to his blog.

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Ticket from the Lisbon Concert

Thanks to Enrique Moës Borrego for providing this ticket scan.

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Photo Gallery from the Lisbon Concert

Photographer Andreas Müller has done a professional photo shoot of this gig on behalf of Tangerine Dream. On his website, he provides a gallery of 113 photos of stunning quality from this concert.

(Click on the images to open the gallery of the muellerphoto site in a new browser window)



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