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Tangerine Dream

What A Blast

Architecture In Motion - Original Picture Soundtrack

- Soundtrack, released April 1999 -


CD release Germany 1999
Design: Edgar Froese
Note: Part of the printing is almost invisible on this scan due to its reflective nature.

CD release Germany 2009

CD release USA 1999


1.Stoneyard 6:11-
2.Silver Siren [Misspelled Silver Screen on the USA release]4:434:43
3.Beauty Of The Blast 3:583:58
4.Dream Sculpture 5:305:30
5.Last Trumpet On 23rd Street [Misspelled Last Trumpet On 23th Street on the German release]4:324:32
6.Art Of Destruction 7:357:35
7.Forced To Surrender 4:354:35
8.TimeSquare (The Legendary N.Y. Brix Mix) [Misspelled Timesquere on the German release]9:499:49
9.Jungle Journey (Bond Of Ages Mix) [1999 remix]6:176:17
Total running time53:1046:59


Recording date1999
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese
Producer(s)Edgar Froese


Tangerine Dream's 1999 original motion picture soundtrack fits into the series started with Canyon Dreams (1987) and continued with Oasis (1997): TD did the music for a video which features one certain subject, here the collapsing of buildings. What A Blast features nine tracks which are quite different in style and mood. The CD title and the movie subject may make expect bombastic or at least very rhythmic music, but in fact all of the compositions are quiet sensitive. The opening tracks are rather tranquil and melodic, a little bit like the previously unreleased compositions on Edgar Froese's solo album Beyond The Storm. The middle tracks feature some totally new elements combined with structures and little patterns like taken from older times. The last tracks of the CD remind on The Dream Mixes and TimeSquare. Two of them, TimeSquare and Jungle Journey, are indeed new remixes of tracks from the albums TimeSquare (1997) and Turn Of The Tides (1994).


The cover artwork of the TDI release does not refer to the film subject directly. The design fits into the graphic and computer art style of covers TD has started with the release on their own label TDI.


The US based Miramar company released the soundtrack titled Architecture In Motion with a totally different cover artwork and without the opening composition Stoneyard.




In March 2009 the album was re-released with different cover design as part of an extensive digipack series (consisting of a total of more than 60 CD and DVD releases) by the Germany based Membran record label.


1999: TDI/EFA
CD [a]: 63015-2
2009: Membran
CD [a]: 232647; digipack
1999: Miramar
CD [b]: 23144-2
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