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Tangerine Dream - Bootlegs

Bootlegs are illegal recordings, either consisting of unreleased material recorded at concerts, studio outtakes and radio or TV concerts, or re-releasing formerly released material. This section features an almost complete list of bootlegs that include music by Tangerine Dream and have been released on vinyl or CD (releases on cassette and CD-R are not featured). Please note the following statement by Tangerine Dream about bootlegs (taken from the F.A.Q. section of the official TD homepage):

"It seems that bootlegs - in numbers which are close to so-called very small limited editions - are part of the fan's world all over the place. It shows the interest lots of fans have in the band's composing and performing creativity. For some people it might be a sensible little investment if you know what to choose. The funny side of the game is definitely over when we start hearing about considerable numbers and commercial sales in record stores and mail-order services. In such cases, TD's legal advisors will give the individual dealer a very hard time - one should think twice before stepping anywhere near the neighborhood of such a risky business."

See also the following stories about bootlegs, featured in Voices In The Net: Bootlegs And Their New Market, Bootleg Variations: Any Colour You Like..., CD-R: The High Tech Version Of A Fan Tape, When Almost Everyone Becomes A Bootlegger..., and, of course, Bootlegged Dreams 2002, the most comprehensive article about TD bootlegs by now.



1977Babylon's Strange / Fotzenslecker / Netz-Lautstärke!AlbumLive
1980Staatsgrenze WestAlbumLive
1983Fassbinder Memorial ConcertAlbumLive
1984Leprous Appearance On WednesdayAlbumLive/Compilation
1986The Emerald BeyondAlbumLive
Undulation / Soundtrack For FantasyAlbumLive
Space & SpheresAlbumLive
Space TruckingAlbumLive
Timeless SpaceAlbumLive
Electronic InspirationAlbumLive
Undercover DreamsAlbumLive/Compilation
1988A Dream Unbound / Seekers Of Dreams / Orange FestivalAlbum/SingleLive
Don QuixoteAlbumLive
1990Parisian DreamsAlbumLive
Parisian Dreams TooAlbumLive
1991The Canyon DreamsAlbumSoundtrack
Bicycle Race / Singet, denn der Gesang vertreibt die WölfeAlbumLive
1992Acoustic LSDAlbumRe-release
Danger LiveAlbumLive
Live In The USA 1988SingleLive
In den Gärten Pharaos / Bicycle RaceAlbumLive
Live! Improvised!AlbumLive
Sound And EffectsAlbumLive
Ardem 'O'AlbumLive
Collected EndingsAlbumLive
Dreaming On Danforth AvenueAlbumLive
Prayer Of Quiet DreamsAlbumCompilation/Live/Soundtrack
Sonambulistic ImageryAlbumLive
Mystery TracksAlbumCompilation
3 Tier DreamAlbumStudio/Live
20th Century SerenadesAlbumLive
19943 Tier Dream On!AlbumStudio/Live
Sol Et LunaAlbumCompilation
Coefficient Of Aural ExpansionAlbumLive
Spherical Harmonics OneAlbumLive
1995The KeepAlbumSoundtrack
1996Don't Walk - Dream Now!AlbumLive
Patrolling Space Borders / LaseriumAlbumLive
Rubycon RevisitedAlbumStudio
Electronic OrgyAlbumCompilation
2000Golden Collection 2000AlbumCompilation
2001Electronic CollectionAlbumCompilation
Alpha Centauri + Electronic MeditationAlbumSet
(unknown)Thief / White EagleAlbumSet
Firestarter / Shy PeopleAlbumSet
Catch Me If You Can / Dead Solid PerfectAlbumSet
L'Affaire Wallraff / Excerpts From 'Risky Business'AlbumSet
2014The SoldierAlbumSoundtrack / Compilation
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