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Tangerine Dream

Electronic Orgy

- Compilation, released 1997 -


CD pirate release 1997


1. Philosophical Conversation [Dialogue from the movie Legend]0:24
2.Oszillator Planet Concert 8:02
3.Ultima Thule, Part One 3:26
4.Ultima Thule, Part Two 4:23
5.Overture 11:00
6.Haunted Heights 5:58
7.Chimes And Chains 4:37
8.Baryll Blue 7:06
9.Monolight (Single Version) [1980 remix]3:08
10.Dr. Destructo [Extended Version]4:15
11. Confrontation [performed by Craig Safan]5:34
12. Code Name: The Soldier1:52
13.Die Russen kommen 3:30
14.The 4:08 To Paris 4:10
15.The Russians Are Coming 4:43
16.OS 452 [1982 remix]5:28
17.PA 701 [1982 remix]4:44
18.Tropic Of Capricorn [1982 remix]4:36
19.Pizarro And Atahuallpa [1982 remix]4:12
20.NGC 891 [1982 re-recording]4:35
21.Das Mädchen auf der Treppe [1982 remix]3:45
22.Flock 2:24
23.Katja 2:49
24.Speed 2:31
25.Daydream 4:33
26.Moorland 3:53
27.Fisherman's Morning 3:26
28.Romanian Road 2:57
29. Sailing Mission3:03
30.Gloria 3:12
31.The Dream Is Always The Same 2:26
32.Love On A Real Train (Risky Business) 2:16
33.Chased By Guido The Killer Pimp 3:06
34.Tangerine Dream Music Track 4 [Part of the track Joel And The Porsche Take The Plunge]0:30
35.Tangerine Dream Music Track 5 [Part of the track Joel And The Porsche Take The Plunge]0:33
36.Catching The Egg 0:14
37.The Return Of The Goodsens 1:00
38.Love On A Real Train 3:12
39.Warsaw In The Sun (Single Version) 3:48
40.Warsaw In The Sun (Part One) 4:45
41.Warsaw In The Sun (Part Two) 2:59
42.Streethawk (Radio Remix) 3:02
43.Prologue 1:21
44.Unicorn Theme 7:02
45.Horns Of Doom 5:41
46.Dolphin Smile 4:56
47.Brother Or Stranger 4:44
48.Shy People [Alternate vocal version]5:18
49.Shadow Flyer 7:14
50.A Time For Heroes (Extended Version) 6:03
51.A Time For Heroes (Single Version) 4:13
52.House Of The Rising Sun 4:33
53. Vermillion Sands [Performed by Chris Franke]5:34
54.Alexander Square 6:13
55.Lost Tale 3:27
56. Octahedron I [performed by Paul Haslinger]4:47
57. Octahedron II [performed by Paul Haslinger]4:07
58.I Just Want To Rule My Own Life Without You [Instrumental version]3:30
59.One Night In Medina 3:43
60.I Just Want To Rule My Own Life Without You [Vocal version]3:59
61.Roaring Of The Bliss 5:00
62.Beaver Town 4:26
63.Michiko 2:48
64.Purple Haze 3:01
65.Dreamtime [Vocal version]3:42
66.Graffiti Street [1992 live version]4:41
67.Phaedra [Video version]3:46
68.Oriental Haze [1992 live version]5:38
69.Love On A Real Train (Risky Business) [Video version]3:20
70.Story Of The Brave 5:19
71.Quasar 3:45
72.No Man's Land [sound sampling]4:14
73. The Dream Is Always The Same [Monologue from the movie Risky Business]0:30
Total running time292:42


Recording date1971 - 1995
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Conrad Schnitzler, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger, Jon Lyons
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Conrad Schnitzler, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger, Susanne Pawlitzki


The first look at the 4-CD set Electronic Orgy may remind people not of music, but regardless of the explicit cover artwork and the word 'orgy' in the title, these CDs contain music only and nothing else. The set is a compilation of well-known but mostly rare material from 25 years of TD's career. The four CDs compile material that has mostly been available on vinyl releases in the past, but not on official CDs. Some stuff that has been unavailable to the public has been added, for example tracks from promo releases or from radio broadcasts.


For several years, TD had not taken legal steps against bootleg releases. But after the release of Electronic Orgy, Edgar Froese announced that Tadream Productions would charge lawyers with investigations against the producers of this pirate set. "It is time to put an end to such illegal activities", he said to Dream Collector in early 1998. The points that had made Edgar Froese upset were wholesale offers in the USA and distribution via Internet in large numbers. "I do not believe that there are only the alleged 300 copies", he said and estimated the edition to be some 4,000 copies. "We have often turned a blind eye to fan products of a few copies which did not really violate our interests. But Electronic Orgy is the product of a criminal offence." The set contains material which TD was working on for releases on the TDI label, Edgar Froese said. "We will take action against that with extreme severity."


1997: 'Orbiting Soundbits/Telex International'
Pirate-4CD: -; quadruple jewel case with sticker 'Tangerines can SPIN'; orange/silver discs
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