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Tangerine Dream

Vintage Vanguard

Selected Rarities,
Re-recordings and Remixes

- Compilation/Studio, released March 2009 -


CD release Germany 2009


1.Firetongues (Re-touched 2008) [2008 re-recording]6:34
2.Lamb With Radar Eyes (Studio Session) [Pre-release version]7:29
3.Sun Son's Seal 3 (Re-touched 2008) 5:21
4.The Conspiracy (Alternative Version) [1992 version]4:42
5.Quartermaster's Nightmare 6:18
6.Crossed Fingers 7:40
7.Towards The Evening Star (Alternative Version) [2008 remix]6:16
8.On Crane's Passage (Alternative Version) [Pre-release version]4:11
9.A Nautical Night 6:28
10.Justice Of The Karma Law [Instrumental version, as part of the track Justice Of The Karma Law - As The Sun Moves Towards Heaven (Instrumental)]3:02
11.As The Sun Moves Towards Heaven [Instrumental version, as part of the track Justice Of The Karma Law - As The Sun Moves Towards Heaven (Instrumental)]6:41
12.D.I.T.S. (Jerome's Redux 2008) [2008 remix]6:18
Total running time71:00


Recording date1994 - 2008
Composer(s)Jerome Froese
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, Zlatko Perica, Mark Hornby (previously unreleased tracks only)


Vintage Vanguard compiles twelve compositions by Jerome Froese; unlike the music on Axiat, released at the same time, most of the tracks are re-recorded or alternate versions, unavailable elsewhere. Thus, this compilation is very interesting for all Tangerine Dream fans, especially those who like Jerome Froese's contribution to Tangerine Dream's music between 1990 and 2005.


This release is part of an extensive digipack series (consisting of a total of more than 60 CD and DVD releases) by the Germany based Membran record label. At time of writing, it is available from the Eastgate Music Shop as well.


The Eastgate Music Shop about the CD release"Vintage Vanguard is a new compilation arranged by the former long-time TD member Jerome Froese. A mixture of his finest compositions within Tangerine Dream. Enjoy some smooth and many energetic tracks!"


The booklet contains additional information for each track which are cited below.


Firetongues, originally released on the album Turn Of The Tides (1994) is "a re-recorded version with some major changes in the middle of the song."


Even three compositions from Goblins Club (1996) are featured in alternate versions: Lamb With Radar Eyes "is quite a rough take with Jerome and Mark Hornby jamming on guitars." From Towards The Evening Star, "voice samples were removed and some other things have been added." On Crane's Passage is "the first ever version of this song with guitars which later appeared [...] in a complete different way."


Tangerine Dream's Dante trilogy was for the very most part solely written by Edgar Froese, but nevertheless Jerome Froese provided a small number of compositions as well. Three of them are featured here in different versions: Sun Son's Seal, Part Three -- basing on Sun Son's Seal, Part One and Sun Son's Seal, Part Two from the album Purgatorio (2004) -- is "a previously unreleased version [...] from the crypt", while by "fan request" Justice Of The Karma Law and As The Sun Moves Towards Heaven are "two tracks from the Inferno (2002) release which can now be heard without vocals for the first time."


The Conspiracy, one of two tracks Jerome Froese composed for the soundtrack album Zoning (1996) is featured as "a variation from the original tune without the heavy drums, recorded in 1994."


Crossed Fingers is "Jerome and Edgar Froese's live guitar jam for TD's UK tour in 1990. First appeared on TD's website jukebox for a few weeks and now finally found its way on CD for the first time."


The acronymic D.I.T.S. is a remix of Dolls In The Shadow from the album Melrose (1990) and "a small hint what could have been on DM5", referring to the (at that time unreleased) fifth volume of the 'Dream Mixes' series that was discontinued after Jerome Froese had left Tangerine Dream. Eventually, in 2010 DM V has been released, but without this track.


Quartermaster's Nightmare -- originally from 40 Years Roadmap To Music (2006) -- and A Nautical Night -- from DM 4 Bonus CD (2003) -- are the only tracks identical to the original versions, but since both EP's they appeared on are long out of print, they are a nice addition to this selection.


2009: Membran
CD: 232664; digipack
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