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Tangerine Stratosfear

A Tribute To Tangerine Dream

- Compilation, released 2008 -


Download release 2008


1.Invisible Lights [Performed by Inter-Mase]7:52
2.Phaedra [Performed by Surface 10]9:08
3.Force Majeure [Performed by Rey]10:10
4.Mojave Plan [Performed by Supersonic]10:13
5.Exit [Performed by Dean de Benedictis]8:57
6.Dolphin Dance [Performed by Rey]5:33
7.Bent Cold Sidewalk [Performed by Giez and Webb]6:27
8.Rubycon Part 1 [Performed by TD Experience]6:57
9.Stratosfear [Performed by Token Angle]6:56
10.White Eagle [Performed by Kenton Files]4:57
11.Tangram Set 1 [Performed by Joseph]7:57
12.Cloudburst Flight [Performed by Rey]6:56
13.Phaedra [Performed by Mikael Bondee]3:57
14.Logos Part 1 [Performed by Supersonic]9:57
15.Tangram Set 2 [Performed by Aquatic Ghost]9:56
16.Rubycon Part 2 [Performed by TD Experience]5:54
Total running time121:47


Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Steve Schroyder, Peter Baumann, Steve Jolliffe, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Inter-Mase, Surface 10, Rey, Supersonic, Dean De Benedictis, Giez, TD Experience, Token Angle, Kenton Files, Joseph, Mikael Bondee, Aquatic Ghost


In 2008 Cleopatra re-released the two albums Tangerine Ambience and Tangerine Ambience Vol II as double album through their label Big Eye Music. Apparently, only an MP3 download version was released that was distributed wolrdwide via large download shops like Amazon, iTunes, Napster and the like. A physical CD release of this album is not known at time of writing.


This compliation features 16 compositions by Tangerine Dream played by more or less unknown artists, some of them hiding behind pseudonyms.


2008: Big Eye/Cleopatra
Download: as MP3
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