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Steve Jolliffe


Steve Jolliffe (born on April 28th, 1949 in England) began his career in 1967 when he formed a part of a band which was to emerge in the 70's as Supertramp. In 1969 his growing interest in classical and electronic music led him to Berlin, where he met Edgar Froese for the first time. Together with other musicians they formed one of the many early formations of Tangerine Dream. In 1970 he returned to England but never totally lost contact to Edgar Froese. He then joined Tangerine Dream for a short intermezzo in late 1977. He had been working with film music and animation in London and was happy to rejoin old friend Edgar Froese. Steve Jolliffe is featured on the album Cyclone where he played wind instruments and wrote and sung the vocals on two tracks. A very successful European tour followed, but most TD fans were dissatisfied with Tangerine Dream's musical development -- as was Edgar Froese himself. Immediately following the end of the tour in London TD parted ways with Steve Jolliffe.

Later he released numerous solo albums of different musical styles, including Drake's Venture (1980), Earth (1981), Journeys Out Of The Body (1982), Japanese Butterfly (1983), Beyond The Dream (1984), Voices (1985), New Age Emotions (1986), The Minotaur (1987), Doorways To The Soul, The Japanese Way (both 1988), The Art Of Minimalism (1989), Ethereal (1990), Escape (1991), Warrior (1992), Maya (1993), Alien (1994), Zanzi (1995), Temmenu (1996), Omni (1997), Deep Down Far (1999), Space (2003), and The Double Album (2004). He also appeared on the Wahnfried album Miditation (1986), together with Klaus Schulze.


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