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Klaus Schulze


In the late autumn of 1969 Edgar Froese met Klaus Schulze (born on August 4th, 1947 in Berlin) in 'Zwiebelfisch', a small artist's bar in Berlin. At that time, Klaus Schulze was playing as a drummer with an organist -- they were known as PSY -- and their music was rather amateurish. But Edgar Froese noticed that the drummer could hold a fairly steady tempo for over ten minutes and seemed in good form. This was a real exception back then compared to most German drummers. Edgar Froese asked him right away to join TD for a gig in Frankfurt where TD had a contract to play on the same bill with Zappa's Mothers Of Invention, Jefferson Airplane, Byrds etc. and took him directly out of the bar and to the rehearsal room. Klaus Schulze thought Edgar Froese was some sort of lunatic to give him such a job, but they both played the gig in Frankfurt. Together with Edgar Froese and Conrad Schnitzler he recorded the first TD album, Electronic Meditation. Klaus Schulze got married in 1970 and shortly thereafter he left TD to pursue a very successful solo career.

Since the 70's Klaus Schulze is one of the most popular German artists performing electronic music. He has released a very large number of records, part of them together with other artists. His works include albums like Irrlicht (1972), Cyborg (1973), Picture Music (Recorded 1973, released 1975), Blackdance (1974), Timewind (1975), Moondawn (1976), Body Love (1977), X (1978), Dig It (1980), Trancefer (1981), Audentity (1983), Angst (1984), Babel (together with Andreas Grosser, 1987), En-Trance (1988), Miditerranean Pads (1990), Beyond Recall, The Dresden Performance (both 1991), Royal Festival Hall (1992), The Dome Event (1993), In Blue (1995) and Are You Sequenced? (1996). Today Klaus Schulze lives about 200 miles away from TD's headquarter in the countryside of northern Germany.


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