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Steve Schroyder


Steve Schroyder (born on April 28th, 1950) started piano lessons from the time he was five years old and continued through his 14th birthday. Originally a student of the theater, his studies led him to Berlin in 1968 where he began his first sound experiments with the organ a year later. In 1971 he joined Tangerine Dream to replace former member Conrad Schnitzler. He understood very well how to integrate himself quickly into the musical concept of Tangerine Dream. Together, they released the album Alpha Centauri. Unfortunately, after a few months, Steve Schroyder no longer had his drug consumption under control, and Edgar Froese and Chris Franke had no other choice than to part ways with him. In 1972 Steve Schroyder, partially rehabilitated, played on organ again as a guest musician on the album Zeit.

Steve Schroyder spent a brief time with Ash Ra Tempel, appearing on their album Seven Up (1973). After departing, he spent the remainder of the seventies involved in several projects and continued his education as an organ builder. In 1980, Steve Schroyder formed together with Gene Gross the formation Oxo; five years later they changed their name to Augenstern. Under this name they released three records on audio cassette: Strahlen (1986), Blütenklang and Skydancing (both 1987); later the compilation The Best of Augenstern (1991) was released. In 1990 Steve Schroyder formed together with Jens Zygar the Star Sounds Orchestra. They released the CDs Planets (1991), Kosmophon, Phantastische Phänomene (both 1992), Inter Planetary Ambience (1995), Psy*Force (1997), and OOZ (1999). Under the name Acid Test they also released the album Hommage A Albert, a CD dedicated to Dr. Albert Hoffmann, a German scientist who first isolated LSD-25.


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