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Tangerine Ambience

A Tribute To Tangerine Dream

- Studio, released 1996 -


CD release USA 1996
Design: Michael Cripps


1.Invisible Lights [Performed by Inter-Mase]7:52
2.Phaedra [Performed by Surface 10]9:08
3.Force Majeure [Performed by Rey]10:10
4.Mojave Plan [Performed by Supersonic]10:13
5.Exit [Performed by Dean de Benedictis]8:57
6.Dolphin Dance [Performed by Rey]5:33
7.Bent Cold Sidewalk [Performed by Giez and Webb]6:27
8. Horizon [Performed by Augenstern]3:08
9. Solar Cells [Performed by Conrad Schnitzler]12:55
Total running time74:23


Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Conrad Schnitzler, Chris Franke, Steve Schroyder, Peter Baumann, Steve Jolliffe, Johannes Schmoelling, Gene Gross
Musician(s)Inter-Mase, Surface 10, Rey, Supersonic, Dean De Benedictis, Giez, Steve Schroyder, Gene Gross, Conrad Schnitzler


If Edgar Froese's re-interpretation of old TD stuff on Tangents and The Dream Roots Collection has caused problems to some listeners, they will probably regard this CD as an attack against their ears. Seven widely unknown artists have replayed classical TD compositions, and two former TD members have added own compositions to make this 'tribute' album complete. Some sound structures and rhythms seem to be like TD's style. The only tracks that sound really very similar to TD's own 'tangentized' versions are Invisible Limits and Exit. Phaedra seems to be very much influenced by TD's 1988 version. On the other hand, Bent Cold Sidewalk is in no way an adaption of TD's composition: The composer retained the vocals verbatim, but gave them a completely new accompanying music. The 'bonus' tracks are a sequencer driven piece from former TD member Steve Schroyder's band Augenstern, titled Horizon (not related to TD's track on Poland), and former TD member Conrad Schnitzler's organ sound composition Solar Cells.


The original TD compositions of this CD are featured on the following albums:


On the back cover the original composers are credited correctly for each track, but Johannes Schmoelling's name is misspelled extremely as 'Smoecling'. It is said that all tracks are licensed from 'Outloud Records Europe' (except the Schnitzler track) and 'compiled with respect by J.K. Meedom'. It seems quite likely that these and some of the musician's names are simply pseudonymes. In fact, Ulrik Rey Henningsen, a Spanish-Danish artist, appears under both the pseudonyms 'Rey' and 'Supersonic', hence he did interpret three TD compositions on this album.


A sleeve text by Dave Thompson refers to TD's important milestones and to the interpretations on this CD but does not tell anything about the unknown artists and their reason for replaying TD music (instead of playing own stuff for example). The text mentions the album Underwater Silence instead of Underwater Sunlight. It is unknown whether TD has appreciated this kind of 'tribute' or not.


Anyway, this release seems to have been somewhat successful, as one year later a very similar compilation followed, titled Tangerine Ambience Vol II.


Both albums were later re-released as Tangerine Stratosfear, though without the two non-TD compositions mentioned above.


1996: Hypnotic/Cleopatra
CD: CLP 9723-2
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