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25 CDs to be out soon

(Dream Collector #21, February 1998)

TDI Label Offers Old And Rare Material

TD collectors, 1998 turns out to be an interesting and expensive year... Tangerine Dream's new Berlin based label TDI Music will release some 36 CDs containing well-known and rare old as well as new material, Edgar and Jerome Froese said to Dream Collector in Berlin.


The TDI catalogue scheduled for the next few months announces some 25 CDs. About half of them are re-releases of TD material mostly recorded in the nineties; most of the other CDs feature previously unreleased compositions from earlier times, including a lot of live rarities.




The TDI calalogue is subdivided into the following periods:
  • The pink years: unreleased material from the very early TD decade 1970-1973.
  • The Virgin years: unreleased concert performances and rehearsal material from 1974-1984.
  • The Hollywood Years: unreleased material from productions which never saw daylight or were not used by the director's request.
  • The Private years: all of TD's albums recorded with Private Music, the company of former band member Peter Baumann, in 1988-1990. The rights have been reverted back to TD.
  • The Seattle years: Material from 1991-1995 which had been released in the USA by the Seattle based Miramar company.
  • The Millennium years: "As this century draws to a close, we find the band in a more creative mood than ever", the TDI promotion flyer says. This period will feature new material.





On TDI's first promo sheet, the following CDs have been announced:

Back catalogueOld raritiesNew material/compilations
  • Ambient Monkeys (pre-concert ambient background music, 1997)
  • TimeSquare - Dream Mixes II (1997)
  • Transsiberia (motion picture soundtrack, 1997)
  • Atlantic Bridges (compilation I, 1988-1991)
  • Atlantic Walls (compilation II, 1988-1991)
  • Star Trooper - The classical edge of Tangerine Dream (Mozart, Bach, Sibelius played by TD, 1997)
  • Lions Share (new studio album, 1998)



The catalog numbers of all these releases have not yet been published. TimeSquare should go on sale within the next days. Ambient Monkeys and Transsiberia should follow within the next weeks, TDI music announced. Pre-sale copies of Ambient Monkeys and TimeSquare have already been available at TD's merchandise stalls during their UK concerts in autumn 1997.


All of the new CDs do have abstract computer cover artwork based on ideas by Edgar and Jerome Froese. Some of the well-known covers have been slightly changed, especially the text types and layout.


When right reverting and licenses expiring, the TDI Music catalogue will be enlarged in future, Edgar and Jerome said. For example, one of the projects not included in the 25 CD list but scheduled for the first 26 CD bulk is the previously unavailable material for the soundtrack Forbidden (German original: Versteckt). And more: TD have the idea also to release music by other artists on the TDI music label.


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