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Edgar Froese solo: Aqua II

(Dream Collector #27, September 1998)


Aqua, Edgar Froese's first solo LP from 1974, has not only been issued as regular store record, but also in a special version to promote the release of the CMC 440, an multiterminal system.




This special edition was titled Aqua II, although it had the same tracks like the original release. The record came in a cardboard fold out box with an insert and an additional 8-page booklet featuring the CMC 440. The record has light blue labels. The number of copies is limited to 1,000.




Most of the sets have probably been handed to non-collectors for promotional purposes; thus the set may be one of the rarest items within the collector's community. This may explain why the first copies at all turned up in 1998, in France, 14 years after the release.




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