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Johannes Schmoelling - Official Releases

After having left Tangerine Dream in 1986, Johannes Schmoelling has since released several solo albums, produced at his private Riet Studio in Berlin.



1986Wuivend RietAlbumStudio
- Matjora Is Still AliveSingleStudio
1988The Zoo Of TranquillityAlbumStudio
1990White OutAlbumStudio
1994Der Zaubergeiger SettembriniAlbumRadio Play
1995Songs No WordsAlbumStudio
1998The Zoo Of TranquillityAlbumRe-release
2000White OutAlbumRe-release
2003Recycle Or DieAlbumStudio
2004Weltmärchen - WeltmusikAlbumRadio Play
2006Instant CityAlbumStudio
2007Images And MemoryAlbumCompilation / Studio
2008Early BeginningsAlbumStudio
2009A Thousand TimesAlbumStudio
2011Time And TideAlbumStudio
2016A Thousand Times Part 2AlbumStudio
2017Songs No WordsAlbumRe-release
Diary Of A Common ThreadAlbumStudio
2018SchallwelleAlbumV.A. Compilation
The Immortal TouristAlbumStudio
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