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Johannes Schmoelling

Recycle Or Die

- Studio, released November 2003 -


CD release Germany 2003
Design: Andreas Hedler
Photos: Johannes Schmoelling


1.L'Atelier 2:20
2.Explosive Game 3:22
3.Recycle Or Die 5:41
4.Stratosphere [2003 re-recording by Johannes Schmoelling]6:14
5.Broken Heart Of A Broken Hero 8:19
6.Midnight In Tula [2003 re-recording by Johannes Schmoelling]3:40
7.Buda-Pest 6:47
8.Dominion [2003 re-recording by Johannes Schmoelling]5:06
9.Italian Scratches [split in three tracks, subtitled 1st Scratch, 2nd Scratch and 3rd Scratch]9:10
10.The Electrified J.S. 5:21
Total running time56:00


Recording date2003
Recording site(s)Riet Studio (Berlin)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Hans Fahling
Producer(s)Johannes Schmoelling


In 2003 Johannes Schmoelling released his solo album Recycle Or Die, which, for the first time in his solo career, featured some re-recorded and re-arranged TD compositions. Besides two compositions he was involved back in the early eighties, Midnight In Tula from White Eagle and Dominion from Logos Live (both 1982) he surprises with a brand-new version of the composition Stratosfear that has been composed originally by the line-up Frose/Franke/Baumann for the album Stratosfear (1976). This composition is one of the most remixed and re-recorded tracks by TD themselves.


All three re-recorded tracks are completely re-arranged and feature new sounds and a style typical for Schmoelling's work. While listening to them, they create an image how TD could sound today if Johannes Schmoelling was still (or again) a member of the group. The seven other, previously unreleased compositions have been written mainly for theatre and film during the last ten years. TD fans of the Schmoelling era and fans of his highly recommended solo work should enjoy this album.


Most of the photos on the cover originate from the early eighties and show Johannes Schmoelling as well as Edgar Froese and Chris Franke; the back insert shows the backside of TD's van of that time, holding numerous chalk signatures by their fans.


Recycle Or Die was released on Johannes Schmoelling's own label Viktoriapark in 2003.


2003: Viktoriapark
CD: VP 03-3
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