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Images And Memory

1986 - 2006
An Anthology
Johannes Schmoelling

- Compilation / Studio, released May 2007 -


CD release Germany 2007
Design: Andreas Hedler & Johannes Schmoelling
Photos: Monique Froese


1.Zeit 6:38
2.Matjora Is Still Alive 4:55
3.Wuivend Riet, Part Two 12:38
4.The Anteater 2:57
5.The Woodpecker 5:13
6.Ice Walk 6:11
7.A Great Continent 8:24
8.Galago [1994 remix]5:52
9.Skandalon 5:09
10.Lamentation Of An Ancient Tree 8:11
11.Spinning Wheel 5:54
12.Funeral March 6:06
13.The Rise Of The Smooth Automaton [1996 re-recording]5:10
14.The Wedding Cake [1996 re-recording]4:50
15.Rain Echoes 6:37
16.A Long Way Home 5:44
17.Spacenight Runner 7:52
18.Italian Scratches [Excerpt]7:42
19.Recycle Or Die 5:43
20.Passing By 9:26
21.Joyful Solitude 8:52
22.You And Me 7:24
23.Friends 5:13
Total running time152:41


Recording date1986 - 2006
Recording site(s)Riet Studio (Berlin)
Composer(s)Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Johannes Schmoelling (previously unreleased tracks only)
Producer(s)Johannes Schmoelling


"This album represents 20 years of my musical career in 2h32min55sec.
Now you know everything about me.


In 2006 Johannes Schmoelling celebrated his 20th anniversary as solo artist with an anthology double album, containing tracks from all his solo releases as well as a handful of rare or previously unreleased compositions. Track order is roughly chronological. The compilation includes tracks from the following albums:



Furthermore, the following individual compositions have been included:


  • Galago is a different (or early) version of the album track Jester's Nightwatch (from Songs No Words) that was released in 1994 on the VA compilation Electronische Muziek 1994 by the Dutch KLEM club. Only 1,000 copies were made.
  • Skandalon has been previously unreleased.
  • Lamentation Of An Ancient Tree origins from the 2CD VA compilation Infinite Horizons that was released by the US EM-fan magazine 'Beyond the Horizon' in 1998. Johannes Schmoelling's contribution was recorded in September 1997 at his studio in Berlin. The booklet of the sampler stated that "its piano melody line in the beginning is a reminder of an ancient Romanian folk song".
  • Spacenight Runner was originally released on the VA sampler Music For The 3rd Millennium Vol. 3 in 2001 by the british AMP label; only 1,000 copies were made.
  • You And Me is a leftover from the recordings for Instant City that did not fit to the length of the album. It was previously released on the free CD accompanying volume 13 of the Dutch e-dition magazine in June 2006.
  • Friends finally is dedicated to all friends of Johannes Schmoelling and had previously been released on the free CD accompanying e-dition magazine volume 6 from February 2005.


Unfortunately the booklet is rather sparse and provides not much information about each track. Some liner notes by Johannes Schmoelling himself would have made this set even more interesting. But nevertheless this album is a pleasing compilation spanning over the complete solo career of Johannes Schmoelling in almost chronological order and thus giving an excellent overview of his work.


2007: Viktoriapark
CD: VP 18 063
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