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Years In Music

Berlin 2016 5th March UFA fabrik
Jerome Froese   Johannes Schmoelling   Robert Waters

- Live, released August 2016 -


CD release Germany 2016
Design: Daniel Scholz
Photo: Casper van Andel


1.Prologue [2016 live recording]1:04
2.Polaroids From Anywhere [2016 live recording]8:20
3.Cloudwalk [2016 live recording]5:56
4.Perpetual Motion [2016 live recording]4:17
5. The Speech Of Johannes Schmoelling3:00
6.Love Theme From Logos [2016 live recording]5:42
7.Rejuvenation [2016 live recording]8:32
8.Metamorphosis [2016 live recording]3:17
9.Cartoony Universe [2016 live recording]7:35
10.Tachycardia [2016 live recording]6:54
11.Epilogue [2016 live recording]0:59
12.Emerald Suite [2016 live recording]9:36
13.Towards The Evening Star [2016 live recording]6:31
14.Time Scanner [2016 live recording]5:41
15.Below The Playfield [2016 live recording]7:08
16.Piano Improvisation Kneeplay No. 9 [2016 live recording]6:24
17.Excerpt From Force Majeure [2016 live recording]3:19
18.Logos Final Theme [2016 live recording]5:02
19.Time & Tide [2016 live recording]7:25
20.The Origin [2016 live recording]6:07
21.Choronzon [2016 live recording]7:39
Total running time120:28


Recording dateMarch 5th, 2016
Recording site(s)UFA Fabrik, Berlin
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese, Robert Waters, Jonas Behrens
Musician(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese, Robert Waters
Producer(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese, Robert Waters


"Music and language are forms of expression.
It comes from one source and flows to the next source.
From one man to another man.
From one show to the next show.
From one year to another one.
You have to know where the limits are to know where the Beyond lies."


With Years In Music, Loom released their second live album, after Scored (2012). Once again, a complete concert is featured, including both main sets and the encores, running roughly two hours. Both the solo careers by the band members as well as the past of Johannes Schmoelling and Jerome Froese as members of Tangerine Dream enabled them to create a live set with only four duplications from the previous one (two of them being encores), though only one full length album and two EPs had been released by Loom inbetween.


Thus, similar to Scored, the album provides a fine mixture of comopositions from their respective solo albums, from the official Loom recordings, as well as some classics by Tangerine Dream. In fact, the second set finishes like some Tangerine Dream live set from the early eighties with a (partly improvised) piano solo by Johannes Schmoelling, followed by a short excerpt from Force Majeure and the closing part of Logos Live. This accordance is continued with Choronzon, played as the last encore.


The double CD comes with an 8-page booklet, featuring a number of photos from the concert, credits, the track listing and a transcript of Johannes Schmoelling's German speech held during the concert (see track 5), slightly reworked and translated into English language. The speech itself is both a short survey regarding the venue of the show, the UFA Fabrik in Berlin (part of which was transformed by Tangerine Dream to a rehearsal room in the seventies) and a tribute to Edgar Froese who had died around one year ago.


2016: Vikoriapark
CD: VP 1613; multi-coloured discs
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