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- Live, released February 2012 -


CD release Germany 2012 (autographed)
Artwork: Moonpop Design


1.Palace Of Dreams [2011 live version]5:14
2.Modulation Agents [2011 live version]7:15
3.La Marche [2011 live version]8:11
4.Catwalk [2011 live version]8:18
5.Going West [2011 live version]5:39
6.Matjora Is Still Alive [2011 live version]5:01
7.A Room In The House Closed To The Public [2011 live version]6:23
8.A Long Way Home [2011 live version]5:04
9.Abacus [2011 live version]5:35
10.Crystal Red [2011 live version]5:21
11.Circles [2011 live version]3:54
12.Towards The Evening Star [2011 live version]6:10
13.The Rise Of The Smooth Automaton [2011 live version]4:22
14.My Reality At 52 Degrees Of Latitude [2011 live version]6:12
15.Cartoony Universe [2011 live version]7:59
16.White Eagle [2011 live version]5:31
17.Beach Theme [2011 live version]9:12
18.A Mellow Morning [2011 live version]4:23
19.Time And Tide [2011 live version]7:36
20.Choronzon [2011 live version]6:36
Total running time123:56


Recording dateOctober 15th, 2011
Recording site(s)Oirshot/Eindhoven
Recording engineer(s)Nils Hahmann
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese, Robert Waters, Jonas Behrens
Musician(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese, Robert Waters
Producer(s)Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese, Robert Waters


"Walking in labyrinths of loops
Going forward and backwards
Discovering landscapes of sounds
Thinking like LFO's, Envelopes, VCF's and VCA's
Singing with oscillators and arpeggiators
Searching for the best method of control

- At that point we've connected the cables -"


Those TD fans who attended the E-Live festival in October 2011 in Eindhoven (Netherlands) could witness the very impressive first concert of Loom, including both compositions from the members' solo albums as well as a number of Tangerine Dream classics.


A short time after the concert a CD release of the gig was announced to be released around Christmas 2011. Eventually it became available on February 20th, 2012 as a double album, featuring the complete concert inclusive the three encores. The album was released through Johannes Schmoelling's Viktoriapark label.


The 8-page booklet contains -- beside the credits and some short notes -- numerous photos from the gig (and from before and after the concert). The back insert has the complete track list including writing credits and running times.


According to the booklet the musicians shared their performing tasks as follows:
  • Jerome Froese: Guitars, Guitar FX, Guitar Sequencing and Programming
  • Johannes Schmoelling: Grand Piano, Keyboards, FX and Programming
  • Robert Waters: Keyboards, Software Operator, FX and Programming


The Loom web site about the CD release"The second half of February 2012 will open a new chapter in the timeline of LOOM with their first live album which was recorded during the E-Live festival on October 15th, 2011 in Eindhoven, NL. Almost four months later the band has managed to polish the whole release to a stunning live experience which comes on a double CD titled Scored. The whole gig was multitrack captured on Hard Disk using only high end converters and state of the art microphones in connection with Avid's Pro-Tools system.
The result is a very direct and intimate atmosphere where you can feel the emotion of the band and their fans who morphed this evening into a unique imprint which can now be re-experienced again and again."


The first 100 copies of this double CD ordered from the web shop were signed by all three band members; these copies were sold out two days after release.


2012: Viktoriapark
2CD: VP 18 113; multi-coloured discs
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