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Peter Baumann - Official Releases

Peter Baumann released one solo album while he was still member of Tangerine Dream, and some more thereafter. This section features a complete list of these official releases. Please note that an album titled Baumann/Koek despite of other rumours is in no way related to Peter Baumann.



1976Romance 76AlbumStudio
- Bicentennial Present / RomanceSingleStudio
1978Welcome To JoylandAlbumStudio
- Movin' On / FutureSingleStudio
- Welcome To Joyland / Space RideSingleStudio
1979Trans Harmonic NightsAlbumStudio
- Biking Up The Strand / Dance At DawnSingleStudio
1981Repeat RepeatAlbumStudio
1982- Daytime Logic (Baby Won't You Marry Me)SingleStudio
- See Those Eyes / Daytime LogicSingleStudio
- Realtimes / Repeat RepeatSingleStudio
- Repeat Repeat / RealtimesSingleStudio
The Russians Are ComingSingleStudio
1983Strangers In The NightAlbumStudio
- Strangers In The Night / Fremde in der NachtSingleStudio
1992Blue RoomAlbumStudio
1996Phase By PhaseAlbumCompilation
2016Machines Of DesireAlbumStudio
2017Peter Baumann / Conrad Schnitzler & Pyrolator/ Conrad Schnitzler & Schneider TMEPStudio
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