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Peter Baumann

Machines Of Desire

- Studio, released May 2016 -


CD release Germany 2016
Design: Indicate Design Groupe


1. The Blue Dream5:53
2. Searching In Vain5:37
3. Valley Of The Gods4:13
4. Echoes In The Cave3:55
5. Ordinary Wonder6:00
6. Crossing The Abyss5:58
7. Dancing In The Dark4:57
8. Dust To Dust6:24
Total running time42:57


Recording date2016
Composer(s)Peter Baumann, Matia Simovich
Musician(s)Peter Baumann, Matia Simovich
Producer(s)Peter Baumann, Matia Simovich


After more than 20 years of complete abstinence from the music business, former Tangerine Dream member reappeared with a brand-new studio album, Machines Of Desire in spring 2016. It contains eight new compositions, their mostly dark mood reflected by the album's almost black cover. All tracks are purely instrumental, featuring quite minimalistic melodies which somewhat can be regarded as Peter Baumann's trademark. This album has much more in common with Baumann's first two solo albums Romance 76 (1976) and Trans Harmonic Nights (1979) than with his later works.


Peter Baumann was assisted in production and mixing by San Francisco based sound engineer and producer Matia Simovich, who as well co-wrote two of the compositions on this album.


From the product sheet

"In October 2014 an idea suddenly came to mind. Although I had spent much of my life performing, recording and producing music, my attention over the immediately preceding years had been focused on the philosophy and psychology of human nature. It was a rewarding exploration, but I missed being more creative -- suddenly I felt the urge to play music again. I built a recording studio in my basement and began writing material for the first time in a long while. In November I called Edgar Froese and we met in early January 2015 in Austria. It was an extraordinary encounter and it seemed like it would lead to a renewed collaboration after several decades. As many of you now know Edgar passed away on January 20th 2015, I miss him dearly.

Machines Of Desire is filled with many influences, not least of them, my time with Tangerine Dream. Recording this album has been a very rich experience that fulfilled my creative desires, with more to come. I'm delighted that German record label Bureau B will release the recording in May/June of this year.

The title, Machines Of Desire, reflects my belief that as human beings we're driven relentlessly by our deepest desires: the desire to experience life and love, to be heard and seen, to connect with others, to be safe, to find meaning and purpose... and countless more. We find ourselves in the drama of everyday life with uncertainty at every step, with fear of loss and existential loneliness, and only occasionally interrupted by the fundamental joy of being alive."

- Peter Baumann, February 2016


The album was initially released on both CD and vinyl by the German label Bureau B which is well-known for re-releasing quite a number of classic EM albums from the seventies and eighties, mainly from German artists, which had been long out-of-print.


2016: Bureau B
CD: BB 234; digipack; white/grey/blue/red disc
CD + LP: BB 234; black vinyl
CD + LP: BB 234; white vinyl; limited edition of 500 signed and numbered copies
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