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Turn Of The Tides / Tyranny Of Beauty

Edition J

- Compilation/Studio, released November 2020 -


Download release Germany 2020
Artwork: Moonpop Music Design


1.Firetongues 6:31
2.Galley Slave's Horizon 7:46
3.Twilight Brigade 9:45
4.Jungle Journey 6:35
5.Catwalk 7:18
6.Little Blond In The Parc Of Attractions 6:55
7.Stratosfear 1995 [1995 re-recording]5:07
8.Bride In Cold Tears 4:52
9.Quasar 3:43
10.Firetongues (No Guitar Version) [Alternative version]6:33
11.Galley Slaves Horizon (No Guitar Version) [Alternative version]7:45
12.Catwalk (Early Mix) [Alternative version]8:17
13.Catwalk (Soundcheck) [1996 live version]9:25
14.Firetongues (Retouched 2008) [2008 re-recording]6:33
15.Firetongues (Radio Edit) [Excerpt]4:07
16.Galley Slaves Horizon (Radio Edit) [Excerpt]3:36
17.Catwalk (Radio Edit) Excerpt]4:29
18.Little Blond In The Parc Of Attractions (Radio Edit) [Excerpt]4:37
Total running time113:54


Recording date1994 - 1996 & 2008


On November 6th, 2020, Jerome Froese released this compilation album as part of his 'Edition J' series as download only, thus no physical media of this release do exist so far. The digital cover artwork does not show any artist name, though the download was released under the moniker 'Jerome Froese & Tangerine Dream'. The 'Edition J' includes the albums listed below:



Unlike Rockoon and Tournado, which got a re-release on their own, most other studio and soundtrack albums contained only a handful compositions by Jerome Froese each, so he decided to release three compilation albums as part of the series. This one features tracks from the following releases:



Furthermore, there are four previously unreleased bonus tracks: alternative studio recordings of two album tracks (Firetongues and Galley Slave's Horizon) and two recordings of Catwalk, one of them an early studio version, the other a soundcheck recording from TD's London gig in 1996. All tracks have been remastered in 2020 from the original DAT tapes.


2020: Moonpop/Bandcamp
Download: moon bcdl 008; complete album in several lossless or lossy audio formats
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