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Tangerine Dream

The Official Bootleg Series Volume Three

The Ford Auditorium, Detroit March 1977 &
The Regent Theatre, Sydney February 1982

- Live, released May 2019 -


4CD release Europe 2019
Design: Meriel Waissman


1.Cherokee Lane [1977 live version]12:39
2.Monolight [1977 live version]21:54
3.The Emerald Beyond [1977 live version]18:21
4.Patterns In The Ivy [1977 live version]14:04
5.Face Of The Earth [1977 live version]13:32
6.Conjuration [1977 live version]6:30
7.Signals From Above [1977 live version]11:01
8.Convention Of The 24 [1982 live version]8:47
9.White Eagle [1982 live version]5:26
10.Ayers Majestic [1982 live version]7:27
11.Logos [1982 live version]6:09
12.Bondi Parade [1982 live version]13:39
13.Mojave Plan [1982 live version]27:16
14.Thermal Inversion [1982 live version]12:04
15.Remote Viewing [1982 live version, as part of the track Thermal Inversion]1:15
16.Force Majeure [1982 live version]3:52
17.The Price [1982 live version, as part of the track Force Majeure]3:53
18.Choronzon [1982 live version]7:45
19.Midnight In Tula [1982 live version]4:32
Total running time200:06


Recording dateMarch 31, 1977 & February 22, 1982
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling


After a hiatus of more than three years, Esoteric Recording continued the official bootleg series with The Official Bootleg Series Volume Three. So far the series includes the following albums:



This set features two complete Tangerine Dream concert recordings from 1977 and 1982, respectively. Both concerts have a long history of inofficial and official releases:


Some 37 minutes of the 1977 Detroit concert were initially available as bootleg vinyl album The Emerald Beyond (1986), that was re-released on CD as Acoustic LSD (1992). The complete concert was then fan-released as Tangerine Tree Volume 25: Detroit 1977 as part of Tangerine Tree III (2003) and upgraded as part of Tangerine Tree VIII (2005), now remastered from a first generation recording and with corrected track sequence. Finally, this updated version was then officially re-released as Detroit - March 31st 1977 (2006) as part of the Bootmoon series.


The first set plus the second encore of the 1982 Sydney concert was first released as vinyl bootleg titled Leprous Appearance On Wednesday (1984) and later re-released on CD, now simply titled Dreaming (1993). Then the first set was officially released by Tangerine Dream as Sohoman (1999), but this recording was remixed and heavily overdubbed. The complete concert was then fan-released as Tangerine Tree Volume 37: Sydney 1982 as part of Tangerine Tree IV (2003) and upgraded as part of Tangerine Tree IX (2006), now providing a much better sound. The Tangerine Tree recording was officially re-released as Sydney - February 22nd 1982 (2004) as part of the Bootmoon series.


Sound quality of both concerts in this set now is much better than on any of the recordings mentioned above: While previous bootleg releases of the Sydney concert were taken from an FM broadcast this version now comes from a recently discovered pre-FM tape. The 1977 concert was recorded using open air microphones and now comes with corrected pitch. Both sources have been especially pre-mastered for this release by Wouter Bessels, who as well has written extensive liner notes regarding both concerts featured in this set.


Wouter Bessels on Facebook: "Detroit 1977 is a pretty loose, heavy, fast and improvisational, although carefully crafted concert. Sydney 1982 on the other hand is very structured, somewhat smooth and pre-programmed, with much lesser improvising. Both gigs IMHO present TD as a full working three men collective, but each in their own form of course. That's why I thought that both gigs would make a nice box. They both capture TD at the peak of a certain era."


The set is nicely packaged -- it comes in a cardboard box, including four photo cardboard sleeves (each one housing one of the four CDs), a 12 page booklet (including credits, the liner notes mentioned above, as well as number of photos and scans with tour posters, tickets and backstage pass. Unlike the previous releases of this series, volume three comes without additional fold out poster.


2019: Reactive/Esoteric
4CD: EREACD 41039; cardboard box; cardboard sleeves; multi-coloured discs
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