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Tangerine Dream

The Gate Of Saturn Live At The Lowry Manchester 2011

- Live, released July 2011 -


CD release Germany 2011
Artwork: Edgar Froese & Bianca Froese-Acquaye

Download release 2011


1.Marmontel Riding On A Clef [2011 live version]7:50
2.Death In The Shadow [2011 live version]9:01
3.Logos 2011 [2011 live version]6:19
4.Culpa Levis 2010 [2011 live version]8:41
5.Living In Eternity [2011 live version]3:53
6.Calumet [2011 live version]5:55
7.Cycle Of Eternity [2011 live version]7:16
8.Ayumi's Butterflies [2011 live version]4:18
9.Sally's Garden [2011 live version]5:56
10.Darkness Veiling The Night [2011 live version]8:52
11.Astrophel And Stella [2011 live version]5:11
12.Mombasa Tuareg Remix [2011 live version]5:41
13.Fire On The Mountain [2011 live version]8:02
14.Carmel Calif [2011 live version]7:48
15.Long Island Sunset [2011 live version]7:32
16.A Snail's Dream [2011 live version]3:51
17.Dominion 2010 [2011 live version]5:40
18.Alchemy Of The Heart [2011 live version]6:30
19.Morphing [2011 live version]4:25
20.Kiev Mission [2011 live version]9:49
21.Cool At Heart [2011 live version]7:17
22.Fay Bewitching The Moon [2011 live version]10:50
23.Blue Brige [2011 live version]4:43
24.The Gate Of Saturn [2011 live version]8:40
25.Dolphin Dance [2011 live version]7:48
Total running time171:48


Recording dateMay 28, 2011
Recording site(s)Lowry (Manchester)
Recording engineer(s)Christian Gstettner
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger, Thorsten Quaeschning
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Thorsten Quaeschning, Linda Spa, Iris Camaa, Bernhard Beibl, Hoshiko Yamane
Producer(s)Edgar Froese


Only a few weeks after TD's performance in Manchester in May 2011, the complete concert was released as a MP3 download from the Tangerine Dream website at a very fair price of 7.90€ for almost 3 hours of music. At that time it was not intended to do a proper CD release of the concert.


Nevertheless, in early August Tangerine Dream announced on their website that they had changed their minds due to requests from numerous fans and that there would be a CD release of the complete concert. This 3-CD set was finally released at the end of August, featuring a completely redesigned artwork. It comes with a 16-page booklet with a list of press quotes, the track listing, credits and a large number of photos taken during the concert as well as at the merchandise stall and at the fan meeting thereafter. So quite a number of TD fans will find themselves eternalised on this official release.


The Eastgate Music Shop about the CD release"After the Manchester concert it was clear to go just for a download this time, because we didn't want to flood our fans with too many live CDs and ruining their wallets... :-) Well, weeks passed by, more and more mails came in asking for a regular CD release of this special event. So internally the Eastgate team decided if we get more than 100 requests for a CD release we'll have to do it! The limit of 100 was reached faster than expected... The desire of our fans to receive a solid uncompressed excellent audio CD will be fullfilled. So here it is: The Lowry concert in Manchester from May 28, 2011 in full length. The music will come in a 3 CD set including a 16 page booklet with great photos from the concert."


Regarding the Eastgate CD release, neither disc nor the paper inserts show any order number or barcode, but the number given below is the order number the Eastgate Music Shop lists this release.


The Timeless Sticker

The first 200 orders of the CD received a special sticker designed by Edgar Froese.

(Click on the images to see a larger version of the sticker in a new browser window)


2011: Eastgate
3CD: eastgate 053 CD; multicoloured discs; matrix codes: 1882, 1883 and 1884; triple jewel case
Download: complete audio release or grouped tracks as MP3
2013: Purple Pyramid/Cleopatra
3CD: CLP 0056-2
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