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Kamikaze 1989

Original Soundtrack Music by Edgar Froese

- Soundtrack, released 1982 -


CD release UK 1988

Download release 2007
Artwork: Edgar Froese


1.Videophonic 4:17
2.Vitamin C 2:17
3.Krismopompas 3:19
4.Police Disco [Titled Polizei Disco on the 1982 German release]4:55
5.Intuition 2:05
6.Police Therapy Center [Titled Polizei Therapie Center on the 1982 German release]2:35
7.Blue Panther [Titled Blauer Panther on the 1982 German release]3:08
8.Snake Bath [Titled Schlangenbad on the 1982 German release]4:50
9.Unexpected Death [Titled Unerwarteter Tod on the 1982 German release]2:56
10.Flying Kamikaze 4:00
11.Tower Block [Titled Der Konzern on the 1982 German release]3:30
12.The 31st Floor [Titled Der 31. Stock on the 1982 German release]2:15
Total running time40:07
1.Krismopompas 3:19
2.Police Disco 4:53
3.Snake Bath [Excerpt]2:36
4.Unexpected Death 2:53
5.Intuition 1:59
6.Videophonic 4:21
7.Police Therapy Center 2:36
8.Vitamin C 2:15
9.Flying Kamikaze 4:01
10.Tower Block 3:34
11.The 31st Floor 2:10
12.Blue Panther 3:13
Total running time37:50


Recording date1982
Recording site(s)Amber Studios (Berlin)
Composer(s)Edgar Froese
Musician(s)Edgar Froese
Producer(s)Edgar Froese


During 1982, Edgar Froese worked on the soundtrack for a rather surrealistic film by Wolf Gremm, called Kamikaze 1989, starring Rainer Werner Fassbinder.


More information about this movie is available at The Internet Movie Database.


Fassbinder, who himself had been one of the most innovative and controversial film directors in the last decades in Germany, died shortly after in 1982, and a memorial concert took place in June 1983 at the German Opera in Frankfurt to commemorate his death a year before. Being asked by the concert organizers, TD played a musical tribute of about 30 minutes. For more then twenty years there had been no official release of this event on record, though the concert had been available as a bootleg recording titled Fassbinder Memorial Concert. In 2003 a much improved record of this concert was fan-released as Tangerine Tree Volume 5: Frankfurt 1983 and re-released in 2004 as part of The Bootleg Box Set Vol. 2.




In 2007 a slightly reworked version of the album has been released. Unlike most other re-releases of the recent years, most of the tracks are virtually untouched and kept in their original 1982 version. All tracks of the original release are featured, though in a different order.


The track Snake Bath is cut down by about half its length and ends quite abruptly. According to Eastgate Music "the abrupt ending of the song is no mistake, because it has exactly the length which it had in the film. It was not modified because of reasons of authenticity -- it's film music and was used in the film like that. The director Mr. Fassbinder was a very unusual man."


The Tangerine Dream Download Shop about the download release"As Edgar was a huge fan of R. W. Fassbinder's cinematographic work, he had finally the chance to collaborate with this moving pic genius. Fassbinder's last work was the leading role as an actor in 'Kamikaze 1989'. He died from an 'overdose of life' shortly after the movie had been released. The score is Edgar's solo composition performed back in 1982. It's his tribute to a great director and actor. The score is partly re-recorded."


The 2007 re-release is is a virtual album, available from the Tangerine Dream Download Shop only. At time of writing no proper 'physical' CD release of this version does exist.


1982: Virgin/Ariola
LP [a]: 204 864; red/green labels
1982: Virgin/Ariola
LP [a]: 204 864; red/green labels; German cover text and track titles
1988: Virgin/Ariola
CD [a]: 254 864; identical to UK version; sticker with German number on jewel case
1993: Virgin
CD [a]: 787 216-2; identical to UK 1988 version; sticker with German number on jewel case
2007: Eastgate
Download [b]: complete release or individual tracks as MP3
1982: Virgin/Dischi
LP [a]: VIL 12255; red/green labels
New Zealand
1982: Virgin/RTC
LP [a]: V 2255; red/green labels
1982: Virgin
LP [a]: V 2255; red/green labels
1985: Virgin
LP [a]: OVED 125; red/green labels
1988: Virgin
CD [a]: CDV 2255
1988: Caroline
CD [a]: CAROL CD 1626
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