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Tangerine Dream

Music For Sports - Cool Races

Original Recordings

- Compilation/Studio, released September 2009 -


CD release Germany 2009


1.Talking To Maddox 8:37
2.Ça Va - Ça Marche - Ça Ira Encore [2009 remix]5:01
3.The Last Goal 6:23
4.Optical Race [2002 re-recording]3:29
5.The First Curve 4:06
6.Marakesh [2002 re-recording]8:21
7.A World Away From Gagaland 7:00
8.Thunderheads 7:28
9.Down To Barstow 5:28
10.Heatwave City [2003 remix]5:39
11.Road To Odessa 5:17
Total running time66:49


Recording date1988 - 2009
Composer(s)Edgar Froese (previously unreleased tracks only)
Musician(s)Edgar Froese (previously unreleased tracks only)


Music For Sports - Cool Races is the first of a two-part compilation (the second being Music For Sports - Power And Motion) that was announced in spring 2009 but not released until September of that year. It compiles eleven tracks -- one of them previously unreleased, the other ten from the following albums:



Notably, four of the tracks originally had been released on solo albums by Edgar Froese, and the track Timeless has been renamed The First Curve for this release -- thus listing it as one of the previously unreleased compositions in the Eastgate Shop, which, in fact, is only true for The Last Goal.


This release is part of an extensive digipack series (consisting of a total of more than 60 CD and DVD releases) by the Germany based Membran record label. At time of writing, it is available from the Eastgate Music Shop as well.


The Eastgate Music Shop about the CD release"New compilation -- first release in this combination! A cool choice of Tangerine Dream tracks for those who don't want to give music a miss when doing sports. These pulsating compositions will make your body dance -- just jump off the sofa!! :-)"


2009: Membran
CD: 232624; digipack
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