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Ulrich Schnauss


Ulrich Schnauss' (born in 1977 in Kiel) musical output began under the pseudonyms of View To The Future and Ethereal 77. His first album under his own name, Far Away Trains Passing By was released in Europe in 2001. One year before, together with Robert Wässer he had remixed a track for the re-release Johannes Schmoelling's solo album White Out. Together with Jerome Froese he appeared on the compilation album Unpleasant Poems (2004) for which he provided two exclusive tracks under his pseudonym Ethereal 77 once more.

On September 10th, 2014 Ulrich Schnauss made the following post on his facebook profile: "This is going to be the most emotional posting I've made since this profile went online first: no other artist's work has changed my life as profoundly as Edgar Froese's: ever since I discovered Tangerine Dream about 25 years ago I realized that maybe one day I'd be able to create the music I've been hearing in my head using synthesizers -- who knows what would've happened to me without TD... Furthermore, very few musicians have the opportunity to perform alongside their biggest influences -- I'm therefore eternally grateful and excited to announce that I'll be playing with Tangerine Dream in Australia in November."

Unfortunately, the new and promising line-up was abruptly brought to naught by the sudden and unexpected death of Edgar Froese. Ulrich Schnauss on his facebook profile on January 23rd, 2015: "It's very hard to find words in such an unbearably painful and sad time. Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream) has died on tuesday. I will remember Edgar as a person who's been caring and empathetic in dark times, who was never afraid to give either encouraging or critical feedback wherever necessary, who's been incredibly inspirational on a philosophical level (far beyond just plain musical concerns) and had a profound impact on my thinking. I guess I've often struggled to recognize authority figures -- however, it's never been like that with Edgar: even when we disagreed, I always respected his input and more than once had to acknowledge that he was right in hindsight. Essentially, in many ways Edgar had the qualities of the kind of father most of us would like to, but few are actually lucky enough to have. I'm eternally grateful for the advice and wisdom Edgar has shared -- and I will treasure it for the rest of my life. Finally, the world of electronic music has lost one of its most unique talents -- and an artist who constantly managed to challenge and re-invent himself. [...] The dream will never be the same."


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