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Three Easter Nights At The Babylon

Music For Bunnies & Fallen Capitals

- Studio, released March 2008 -


CD-R release [a] 2008

CD-R release [b] 2008


1.Jane's Nightmare (Full-Moon-Mix) [Alternate Version]4:53
2. Celebrating Fears Part I2:17
3.Holding Office (Edit) [Alternate Version]4:33
4.Overture (Alternative-Version) [Alternate Version]4:01
5.Array Of Fadin' Flowers (MySpace-Mix) [Alternate Version]3:44
6.Knock Knock (Noise Mix) [Alternate Version]4:43
Total running time24:11
1.Jane's New Nightmare [Alternate Version]4:53
2. Celebrating Fears Part I2:17
3.Overture [Alternate Version]4:01
4.Holding Office [Alternate Version]4:33
5.Array Of Fadin' Flowers [Alternate Version]3:44
6.Knock Knock [Alternate Version]4:43
Total running time24:11


Recording site(s)OrBeat Studios (Berlin), Q-Music Studios (Berlin), Townend Studios (Berlin)
Composer(s)Sascha Beator, Thorsten Quaeschning
Musician(s)Sascha Beator (synthesizer), Thorsten Quaeschning (drums, guitar, memotron, piano, synthesizer)
Producer(s)Thorsten Quaeschning


The EP Three Easter Nights At The Babylon was released in March 2008 on occasion of three silent movie concerts: Fritz Lang's Metropolis on March 21st, Robert Wiene's Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari on March 22nd, and Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau's Nosferatu - Eine Symphonie des Grauens on March 25th.


Accordingly, this EP contains music inspired by these movies -- two tracks for each movie.


The full music for these movies was released on the following albums:



Notably, this EP features alternate non-album versions only.


There are two versions of this EP, the first one being both a misprint and a mispress: the catalog number PPM013 is in fact for Walpurgisnacht (should be PPM012), and tracks 3 and 4 are reversed. The corrected version lists the six compositions under slightly different names.


In August 2009 the EP became available as download from the PPM web shop as well.


2008: PPM Web Shop
CD-R [a]: PPM012; wrong order number PPM012 on back insert spine
CD-R [b]: PPM012
2009: PPM Web Shop
Download: individual tracks or complete release as MP3
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