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Picture Palace music

Metropolis Poetry

music inspired by Fritz Lang's "Metropolis"

- Studio, released May 2011 -


CD release 2011
Photo: Thorsten Quaeschning


1.Overture 3:543:54
2.Holding Office 4:234:23
3. M-Device5:575:57
4. Yoshiwara Nightclub Society4:434:43
5. MMXXVI Accept The Present3:273:27
6. Sermons For Dystopia4:594:59
7. Lion-Man-Flow-Machine5:075:07
8. New Freedom-Towers Of Babel5:225:22
9. Tangled High Mass10:3010:30
10. Metropolis Theme6:046:04
11. Meditation Process8:448:44
12. Poetry Metropolis4:354:35
13. Movement In Demand-4:41
14. Undulate-11:30
15. Eternal Garden, Part One-5:06
Total running time67:4589:02


Recording date2005 - 2011
Recording site(s)Eastgate Studios (Vienna), OrBeat Studios (Berlin), Q-Music Studios (Berlin), Townend Studios (Berlin)
Composer(s)Sascha Beator, Christian Hausl, Thorsten Quaeschning
Musician(s)Sascha Beator (guitar, piano, synthesizer), Djirre (guitar), Kai Hanuschka (drums, voice), Christian Hausl (vocals), Vincent Nowak (drums, voice), Thorsten Quaeschning (drums, e-bow, glockenspiel, guitar, electric kazoo, flute, lapsteel, piano, synthesizer, voice), Thorsten Spiller (Effects)
Producer(s)Thorsten Quaeschning


Metropolis Poetry was inspired by Fritz Lang's Metropolis, a 1927 silent movie.


This was the first (and so far only) album by Picture Palace Music that was released on Tangerine Dream's label Eastgate Music.


The Eastgate Music Shop about the CD release"Thorsten Quaeschning's legendary 'Picture Palace Music' is beginning to write history. Do you like being close to the action? We dare to give you an advice then: Don't miss to have this fantastic CD!
Inspired by Fritz Lang's Metropolis from 1927 this silent-movie-soundtrack captures very well the spirit of the author's expressionist vision of the future -- a bold challenge which Thorsten and his band are coping marvelously. Electronic Post Rock at its best!"


The CD version of this album consists of twelve tracks; three more tracks are available as 'outtakes' from the PPM web shop.


2011: Eastgate
CD [a]: Eastgate 002 CD OA; matrix code: 1631; no order number on disc; order number PPm-021 on inner side of tray insert
2011: PPM Web Shop
Download [b]: individual tracks or complete release as MP3
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