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The Best Of The 01/W

- V.A. Compilation, released 1992 -


CD release Germany 1992


1. Eloquence [performed by Ted Alexander]1:44
2. The Perfect Date [performed by Tom Coster]5:11
3. Video Star [performed by Geoff Downes]2:20
4. Katoh-san [performed by Keith Emerson]4:15
5.Michiko 2:47
6. Fish Dance [performed by Tim Gilpin]2:25
7. Sketch for Orchestra #4 [performed by Eddie Jobson]4:03
8. Rock Show [performed by Stephen Kay]3:55
9. My Machine [performed by Chuck Leavell]3:18
10. Dance-O-Rame [performed by John Lehmkuhl]2:20
11. Serenade 1&2 [performed by Don Muro]1:19
12. Horse Hop [performed by Peter Oxendale]7:43
13. T Montana [performed by Greg Phillinganes]1:56
14. The Lethargy Shuffle [performed by Dave Stewart]4:17
15. Ethno World [performed by Noritaka Ubukata, Jack Hotop and Jordan Rudes]4:41
16. Catherine of Aragon [performed by Rick Wakeman]4:35
17. Green Stars & Moon [performed by Gota Yashiki]5:10
18. Azure Moon [performed by Yellowjackets]5:03
19. Experience in D' [performed by Joe Zawinul]2:07
Total running time69:09


Recording date1992
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese
Musician(s)Edgar Froese
Producer(s)Edgar Froese


For their 30th anniversary in 1992, the keyboard manufacturer KORG published a few 3.5" data disks with music samples from different musicians. One of these floppy disks contains the track Michiko, recorded exclusively for this production. The data disk comes in a clear plastic box, similar to standard CD jewel cases. It contains a red inlay card with printed autographs of Edgar Froese and Jerome Froese. Obviously, the disks have been produced in a very limited edition.


A few weeks later KORG released a limited edition of the V.A. sampler CD The Best Of The 01/W, containing 19 of the compositions former released in the data disk series. Besides Edgar Froese, this CD also features Rick Wakeman, Keith Emerson, Dave Stewart and many others. The CD was distributed from Germany but produced in the USA.


This V.A. sampler is featured in this discography, because Michiko has never been released on a regular album by Tangerine Dream or Edgar Froese.


1992: KORG
CD: CD 01/W
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