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Shy People

Music Composed and Performed by Tangerine Dream

- Soundtrack, released 1988 -


LP release USA 1988

CD release USA 1988

CD release UK 1988

CD release Taiwan 1988 with obi

CD release Germany 1988

CD release USA 2016


1.Shy People [Vocal version]8:018:02
2.Joe's Place 2:112:13
3.The Harbor 4:064:07
4.Nightfall 4:094:09
5.Dancing On A White Moon 3:073:08
6.Civilized Illusions 3:533:53
7.Swamp Voices 3:163:16
8.Transparent Days 3:043:03
9.Shy People [Instrumental version]5:035:06
10.Swamp -3:47
11.Nature [Alternate version]-1:09
12.Going To Town [Instrumental version]-2:51
Total running time36:5044:44


Recording date1987
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Paul Haslinger
Musician(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Paul Haslinger, Jacquie Virgil, Diamond Ross
Producer(s)Edgar Froese


Shy People is a 1987 movie by director Andrei Konchalovsky, starring Jill Clayburgh and Barbara Hershey. The German title for this movie is Bedrohliches Schweigen (that is, Threatening Silence).


More information about this movie is available at The Internet Movie Database.


Liner notes of the German 1988 soundtrack album

With the intention of writing an article for the New York Times, a New York journalist sets off with her daughter for the swamplands of Louisiana. There she finds a widow in extreme poverty, living with her two sons and a daughter in nearly stone age conditions.

The film shows the collision of the modern "American way of life" with the behaviour patterns of a lifestyle rooted in nature. Both families become enmeshed in situations which are completely foreign to their normal way of life.

The often mysterious, mystical world of the wide, misty swamp landscape creates a fantastic setting.

Tangerine Dream composed and produced the music in 1987, in West Berlin. The director, Andrei Konchalovsky, had achieved world-wide recognition with his previous film, Runaway Train.

In his new film, Shy People, Konchalovsky wanted to create an extra dimension through the music. This would make his visuals more dynamic. What began for Tangerine Dream as a typical assignment then became a very complex and time consuming engagement -- the lengthiest of any of their works up to that time: composing and producing 84 minutes of music took two months.

Konchalovsky, himself a classically trained musician and conductor, placed the highest level of requirements on the technique and imagination of the musicians. A full workday from nine in the morning until 1 am in the night was not unusual. Just before the completition the director decided to allow Tangerine Dream to write the title music with only four days remained available until the music was required for the final mixing in LA. In a last ditch effort the band dispersed and hunted through various studios, agencies and addresses to come up with Jacquie Virgil, a black American singer who was able to optimally interpret the lyrics and music they had created.

With no more than three hours remaining before his flight, Konchalovsky had the finished masters in his hands! That's the Hollywood way of life.


The soundtrack album was released in the UK, the USA and Germany by different record labels using totally different cover artwork.




In 2016 a new version of this album was released in a limited edition of 1,000 copies. It features a completely different cover artwork, an 8-page booklet with extensive liner notes by Randall D. Larson covering both the movie and the music. Furthermore this version features three bonus tracks, one of them a unique atmospheric piece, the other two alternate versions of the tracks Swamp Voices and The Harbor.


1988: Edelton
Promo-LP: EDL 2504-1; red labels; additional yellow or grey paper insert 'Product Facts'
LP: EDL 2504-1; red labels
CD: EDL 2504-2
1988: Silva Screen/Music Stone
CD: SS-22015 (FILMCD 027); obi
1988: Silva Screen
LP: FILM 027; silver labels
1988: Varese Sarabande
LP: STV 81357; dark red labels
CD: VCD 47357
2016: Dragon's Domain/BSX
CD: DDR607; multi-coloured disc
Shy People was also released as part of the set Firestarter / Shy People.

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