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Tangerine Dream

Booster VII

- Compilation/Studio, released February 2015 -


CD release Germany 2015
Artwork: Bianca Froese-Acquaye
Note: Part of the printing is almost invisible on this scan due to its reflective nature.

Download release 2015
Artwork: Bianca Froese-Acquaye


1.Tamago Yaki 2015 [2015 remix]6:07
2.Industrial Life 5:54
3.Diary Of A Robbery 5:34
4.Chilly Moons 8:55
5.Rotcaf Neila 8:24
6.Pilgrims To Elysium 9:15
7.The Apparently Lunatic Hierarchy 4:35
8.The Gate Of Saturn 8:30
9.Dnammoc Su (Neat Mix) [2015 remix]5:56
10.The Light Cone 2015 [2015 remix]6:53
11.Parallel Worlds 4:29
12.Polar Radius [2015 remix]5:43
13.Heart Throb 4:34
14.A Matter Of Time (Red Canyon Remix) [2015 remix]9:14
15.Rim Of Schiaparelli 6:15
16.Barnabas The Messenger 7:42
17.Burning The Bad Seal 5:16
18.Silvery Ice Lake 6:02
19.Shadow And Sun 7:55
20.Morning Sun [2015 remix]3:27
21.Le Combat Des Épées (Director's Cut) [2015 remix]16:53
Total running time147:33


Recording date1983 - 2014


Booster VII is the seventh and last double CD of the Booster series that includes the following albums:



The Eastgate Music Shop about the CD release"So much of new differently arranged and so-called 'collector's' compositions have been located at the Eastgate Studios within the last couple of months, so that the decision for the seventh and last double CD out of the Booster series was made very easily. The Booster CDs have been a kind of a corner stone within the TD community building some guidelines for those newbies who needed some help where to start discovering the various landmarks of TD's work. Quite a reasonable number of newer compositions have also found their way into the public. But we do not want the Boosters become a racehorse within a series of titles all running against each other. Therefore decision has been made to stop with a last product which simultaneously has some of the best and rare TD compositions from all decades to offer -- of course subjectively speaking. Relax, sit back and enjoy a little trip with the TD time machine through a well-known and sometimes strange musical territory."


Only a few days after its CD release this album became available as MP3 download at the Tangerine Dream Download Shop as well.


2015: Eastgate
CD: eastgate 072 CD; matrix codes: 072 CD1 and 072 CD2; no order number on disc or inserts
Download: complete release or individual tracks as MP3
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