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Tangerine Dream Plays
Edgar Froese

Armageddon In The Rose Garden Part 1

Ron Boots
Through Hills To Find

- Studio, released April 2008 -


CD release Netherlands 2008
Design: Kees Aerts
Photo: David Massey


1.Armageddon In The Rose Garden, Part One 9:12
2. Through Hills To Find [performed by Ron Boots]7:46
Total running time16:58


Recording date2008
Composer(s)Edgar Froese
Musician(s)Edgar Froese


On April 13th, 2008 the third E-Day festival organized by the Dutch Groove label took place at the auditorium of the Technical University Eindhoven (Netherlands). Performing artists were Tangerine Dream, Ron Boots & Friends and Remy. The event was sold-out with about 425 visitors.


TD's gig was announced under the title "Tangerine Dream plays Edgar Froese" and was later released on DVD as The Epsilon Journey (2008).


Due to this occasion, Groove released a CD single featuring two compositions, one by Edgar Froese, the other by Ron Boots. The Froese track (which was not performed during the concert) is part one of the two-part composition Armageddon In The Rose Garden which was continued on the TD album release Purple Diluvial. Both parts were later released together as Armageddon In The Rose Garden.


2008: Groove
CD: GR-153; picture disc, cardboard sleeve
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