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Astral Voyager

Astral Voyager was originally recorded in 1973 and remixed in 1984 before it was eventually released in 1986.

There are several official versions of this composition:
  • the remixed studio recording from 1984
  • a remix from 2008, allegedly originating from 1980, titled Landing On 51
Furthermore, parts of the track were re-used in the composition Jungle On Fire.


Recording year1973 / 1984
Composer(s)Edgar Froese, Chris Franke
Alternate Title(s)Landing On 51


Tangerine Dream: Official Releases
1986Green Desert [a] 7:03
1989The Best Of Tangerine Dream [a] 7:09
The Best Of Tangerine Dream [b] 7:09
The Best Of Tangerine Dream [c] 7:09
1996The Dream Roots Collection [a] [Excerpt]6:11
1998The Analogue Space Years [a] 7:03
The Pink Years [a] 7:03
2000Antique Dreams [b] [Excerpt]6:14
i-Box [a] [Excerpt]6:11
2008The Anthology Decades [a] [Titled Landing On 51][2008 remix]7:57
The Electronic Magic Of Tangerine Dream [a] [Titled Landing On 51][2008 remix]7:57
The Vintage Years Anthology [a] [Titled Landing On 51][2008 remix]7:57
2010Run To Vegas [b] [Titled Landing On 51][2008 remix]7:57
2013Decades: 70s [a] 7:07


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