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When Aliens Meet A Drop Of Water

- Studio, released 2008 -


CD release Germany 2008
Artwork: Michael Potrafke


1.To Earth? Why Not! 1:00
2.Cosmic Cruiser [2008 re-recording]3:46
3.1st Sunlight [2008 re-recording]4:43
4.Endless Blue [2008 re-recording]5:58
5.Into The Thunder 5:27
6.Suffering Sharks [2008 re-recording]7:09
7.Neptun's Cave 10:53
8.Paradise Island [2008 re-recording]5:29
9.Praying For Rain 5:14
10.Dancing With The Clouds [2008 re-recording]4:54
11.Melancholy Of Nature 5:09
12.Sunset Raga 3:01
13.Going Home 4:34
Total running time67:17


Composer(s)Ralf Wadephul
Musician(s)Ralf Wadephul and friends


"The music tells the story of some cosmic cruisers visiting earth and accompanying a drop of water. They then experience all sorts of wonders. It's dedicated to all who still believe in wonders."


When Aliens Meet A Drop Of Water is the first album of Ralf Wadephul who joined Tangerine Dream as a short time member for the 1988 US tour. It is somewhat an alternate version of the Tangerine Dream album Blue Dawn (2006) which was partially based on the same compositions but was produced by Edgar Froese and included a number of additional solo compositions by Edgar Froese as well.


Ralf Wadephul about the motivation to do this album: "After the split we worked occasionally together, but my favourite tracks remained unreleased. I always intended to change this. Continously improving them, the idea for a concept album took shape. Why not let some curious aliens visit earth and experience some adventures? Sounds crazy, but interesting."


2008: Manikin
CD: MRCD 7087; digipack, multi-coloured disc
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