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Tangerine Dream

Tyranny Of Beauty CD-I

A Multimedia Presentation

- Studio, released June 1995 -


CD-I release Italy 1995


1. [Data track]-
2.Catwalk (Special Version) [Extended version]15:14
3.Quasar 3:43
Total running time18:57


Recording dateJuly - September 1994


In summer 1995 Tangerine Dream entered into multimedia: Computer owners could now enjoy music accompanied by interactive pictures on the screen. The Italian New Sounds company released the first Tangerine Dream CD-I along with the issue #47 of the "New Age Music And New Sounds" magazine in June 1995. This CD is not an official release of the band; it was only available as a supplement to the magazine and it should not be sold alone in any record stores.


The interactive part of the CD-I brings the user into a space ship where he can decide to enter six chambers. In there, he will find general information about Tangerine Dream, a video clip from Stratosfear 1995, an Italian interview with the band in Venice, Berlin and in their studio, a video clip from Melrose, a discography and a photo file including also old and unknown pictures of the band. During the "space trip" the listener will hear music loops of two different excerpts of Catwalk.


As audio tracks, the CD-I contains a unique extended version of Catwalk and the composition Quasar that was first featured on the promotional Tyranny Of Beauty CD-5 and appeared on later re-releases of the official album Tyranny Of Beauty, too.


1995: New Sounds
CD-I: NANS 047/B
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