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Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Tree Volume 51: On Air

- Studio, released August 2004 -


CD-R fan release 2004
Design & Graphics: Maff


1. A Band Who Needed Pressure0:22
2. More Space0:46
3. The Aim0:52
4. A, C, or E0:52
5. Completely Out of Tune1:07
6. They Don't Even Care0:30
7. A Wise Idea0:37
8. Stolen1:19
9. Better Stay Out1:35
10. 52 Kids0:50
11. The Longing0:29
12. A Certain Power0:53
13. Quiet As Mice1:22
14. Stupid Little Box0:47
15. Working in the Docks0:50
16. The Godfather1:38
17. Good Old Days0:58
18. One of the Dilemmas1:12
19. Honest as Possible1:14
20. Dancing Grizzlies0:19
21. Platform1:00
22. Give Him a Credit1:01
23. Fresh Air1:37
24. The Best Part0:41
25. Particular Time0:48
26. Strange Acoustics1:13
27. Junk on the Road1:01
28. A Nice Walk1:09
29. This Took Ages0:37
30. Zero Point1:35
31. Just Playing Together0:56
32. A Raging Trio1:20
33. Buying All the Records0:38
34. Fun Part/Grey Part2:37
35. Musical Doors0:56
36. Stuck in Manuals0:48
37. Not My Time0:50
38. Really Tricky1:31
39. Spiritistische Praktiken0:51
40. Liebe zur Musik0:40
41. Elektronische Klangerzeugung1:16
42. Barer Unsinn2:32
43. Musik existiert0:57
44. Ein Schritt zurück2:24
45. Was für Charts?0:52
46. Das Kollektiv0:55
47. Eine Zäsur1:01
48. Richtiger Donner2:02
49. Eine Atempause1:12
50. Buenas noches0:13
Total running time53:45



Different from all other Tangerine Tree releases, Tangerine Tree Volume 51: On Air does not contain music but 50 short statements from TD band members which were taken from various interviews. 38 of them are in English, the rest is in German (and one in Spanish).


Further notes about this release will be added with a future update of this site.


As with all releases of the Tangerine Tree project, this release is made by fans for fans. It must not be sold but is to be traded freely.


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