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Tangerine Dream


- Studio, released 1985 -


Promo-7" release Italy 1985

7" release Spain 1985

12" release USA 1985


1.Streethawk (Radio Remix) -3:08-
2.Streethawk 3:053:003:05
3.Tiergarten (Berlin) 3:183:184:28
4.Gaudi Park (Guell Garden Barcelona) --5:10
5.Warsaw In The Sun (Part One) --4:47
6.Warsaw In The Sun (Part Two) --3:00
Total running time6:239:2620:30


Recording date1985


The title track of the album Le Parc was subtitled L.A. - Streethawk, and in fact, this one track was the title theme of the US action series Streethawk. TD had supplied several hours of music material for this series but was not allowed to compile a soundtrack album. The film studio only accepted that TD released the title track on their current studio album.


The fact hat TD had signed up for Streethawk made it impossible for the group to score the soundtrack for the successful series Miami Vice, though they had already worked with director Michael Mann for Thief and The Keep. As Edgar Froese remembers: "We heard that Michael originally was interested in us, because Thief was quite a big success for him personally and it was a kind of music that had not been heard in movie theatres before. So when he started thinking about the score for Miami Vice, he thought about us, too. But we did not talk about it, because at the same time we signed up for what was supposed to be another big TV series in America, so we could not even meet. When we signed the contract for Streethawk, it was supposed to be about 30 or 40 sequences, but after a big take-off the series died after 12 sequences and Miami Vice went on for years. As life goes, I was never depressed about it, because I know Jan Hammer didn't know whether it was a huge burden or if he was quite lucky to sign for the series. It brought him a lot of money, but artistically I know that it is hard work to go on and do three or four sequences every month. That's about an hour and a half of music material. Jan Hammer did lean his stuff quite closely to what we were doing specifically at that period of time, but what can you do about it? He is a very talented musician and overall he did a good job. I'm very happy if a talented and true musician on this planet has enough money to make a good living and can be creative. If there is sometimes a crossfade of interests, I would say as long as you are creative and original there is enough money and work for all of us."


More information about this series is available at The Internet Movie Database.


There were three different 7" and 12" releases titled Streethawk, all compiling tracks taken or remixed from the records Le Parc and Warsaw In The Sun.


1985: Jive
Promo-7" [a]: 5006; blue labels, promo cover
7" [a]: 5006; blue labels
1985: Jive/Sanni
Promo-7" [a]: 101; blue promo labels; the track Streethawk is subtitled Aguila de las Calles on the back cover; the label of the B side wrongly states the running time of 4:28
7" [a]: 101; blue labels; the track Streethawk is subtitled Aguila de las Calles on the back cover; the label of the B side wrongly states the running time of 4:28
12" [c]: T 101; blue labels
1985: Jive
7" [a]: 101; world map labels
12" [c]: T 101; world map labels
1985: Relativity
Promo-12" [b]: EMC 8044; black labels, gsc
12" [b]: EMC 8044; black labels
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