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Perry Rhodan - Pax Terra

Music by Christopher Franke

- Studio, released December 1996 -


CD release Europe 1996


1.Bridge To Eternity 6:58
2. The Wonders Of Estartu9:26
3. Atlan, The Solitary Spirit Of Time6:08
4. The Third Question11:52
5. Mountain Of Creation8:47
6. Frost Ruby10:41
7.Bridge To Eternity (Single Cut) 3:23
Total running time57:15


Recording date1996
Recording engineer(s)Edgar Rothermich
Composer(s)Chris Franke
Musician(s)Chris Franke, The Berlin Symphonic Film Orchestra, Rick Jude, Miko
Producer(s)Edgar Rothermich


In late 1996 the album Perry Rhodan - Pax Terra was released, featuring a number of compositions based on the Perry Rhodan book series -- a musical hommage to celebrate the 35th anniversary of this German science fiction series that is issued week for week since 1961. With the exception of some vocal parts, sung by Rick Jude and Miko, most of the album is instrumental, stylistically somewhat similar to the material Chris Franke composed for the Babylon 5 series during the same time -- in fact, Perry Rhodan - Pax Terra could easily be the soundtrack to an unproduced movie.


Liner Notes:"Pax Terra is a musical reflection composed to accompany Perry Rhodan, the largest and most successful science fiction book series ever. Over a billion books have been sold worldwide. For 35 years, Perry Rhodan has taken his readers on exciting adventures into the future of mankind.
The Perry Rhodan books, together with the musical impressions of Pax Terra, open doors into new levels of existence beyond time and space. They allow us to explore unknown planets and meet new friends in faraway galaxies.
Caught up in Perry Rhodan's exciting worlds of adventure, we first fail to realize that we are facing a mirror without recognizing our own reflection. It is a mirror reflecting ourselves and the time we live in.
Through Perry Rhodan, we rediscover a new dimension which we all carry within ourselves: the power and creativity of our own fantasy and the hope to one day create a better future with it.
With Pax Terra, Christopher Franke takes his audience on a fantastic musical voyage through the faraway worlds, galaxies and universes of the magical Perry Rhodan books."


Due to the special occasion the album was available only for a short time and went out-of-print in 1998.


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