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Christopher Franke


- Studio, released 1993 -


CD release USA 1993
Design: Peter Hollesen & Doerte Lau

Promo insert


1.Scattered Thoughts Of A Canyon Flight 22:05
2.Inside The Morphing Space 20:07
3.Silent Waves 4:10
Total running time46:22
1.Scattered Thoughts Of A Canyon Flight 22:03
2.Inside The Morphing Space [1993 remix]21:02
3.Silent Waves [Excerpt]3:45
Total running time46:50


Recording engineer(s)Edgar Rothermich (under the pseudonym 'Richard E. Roth')
Composer(s)Chris Franke
Musician(s)Chris Franke
Producer(s)Edgar Rothermich


Klemania was first released as a special edition CD for the 1993 KLEMdag electronic music meeting in Nijmegen (Netherlands). A few hundred of total 2,000 copies were sold on the KLEMdag with an additional numbered cover sheet, syaing "promotional copy", and a promo photograph showing Chris Franke between arts exhibits.


The regular first edition contains a four-page cover only. Some copies of the CD were sold by fan-clubs in the USA and by small mail-order services in Europe, a few copies even appeared in regular German record stores -- declared as "import CDs" and offered at a very high price.


In April 1994 the album was officially released in an unlimited edition with the second track, Inside The Morphing Space, entirely remixed; some part of this track was even completely replaced by different music material, resulting in a longer playing time. Besides this official store edition, a few copies have been issued as promo copies. They are marked by the letter "P" at the end of the reference number, by the orange printing "Promotion Disc" on the CD body and by the letter "A" of the word "Franke" on the CD in regular silver CD colour instead of red ink. The covers of both versions are identical.


1993: Sonic Images
CD [a]: SICD 8110; black/silver/red disc; limited edition of 2,000 copies
1994: Sonic Images
CD [b]: SICD 8110; black/silver/red disc
Promo-CD [b]: SICD 8110 P; black/silver/orange disc
1995: Sonic Images
CD [b]: SI 8504-2
1996: Sonic Images
CD [b]: SID 6504
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