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Michael Hoenig


Michael Hoenig (born on January 4th, 1952 in Hamburg) was one of the many German musicians to emerge from the innovative, electronic underground scene of the seventies. He first came to recognition in the progressive rock group Agitation Free. In 1975, when Peter Baumann had left TD overnight for a trip to Asia by car, he was temporarily replaced by Michael Hoenig. Tangerine Dream had already signed for a tour in Australia. So they had to replace their absent member in a very short period of time, and Michael Hoenig was the only person Edgar Froese and Chris Franke knew in those days who had any sort of experience with synthesizers. So they toured Australia and played a gig at the Royal Albert Hall in April 1975 right after their return. Back in Berlin, they found a completely disillusioned and bankrupt Peter Baumann who had just returned from Far East and now re-joined TD. Until 2003 there had been no regular record of TD's live performances together with Michael Hoenig, though there are some bootlegs and fan recordings featuring the 1975 concerts. With the release of The Bootleg Box Set Vol. 1 the 1975 London concert has become officially available.

After his short appearance with Tangerine Dream Michael Hoenig started a solo career and released a number of solo albums.


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